And Just Like That…Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

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A reboot of the popular rom-com ‘Sex and the City,’ HBO Max’s ‘And Just Like That…’ chronicles the personal and social lives of Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte, who are now in their mid-50s. As glamorous as ever and still residing in New York City, the trio makes new friends and challenges their long-held ideologies and opinions.

In the first five episodes, we see how Carrie’s world is turned upside down when Mr. Big dies; the writer immediately decides to move back into her old apartment. Meanwhile, Miranda goes back to school, becomes friends with her professor, Dr. Nya, and explores her sexuality with Carrie’s boss, Che. On the other hand, Charlotte grows close to Lisa and struggles with her child’s decision to not identify as a girl.

In the sixth episode, Carrie makes a big decision regarding her living situation. Simultaneously, Miranda and Charlotte come to terms with some major changes in their lives. So, here’s everything you need to know about ‘And Just Like That…’ episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD.

And Just Like That… Episode 6 Recap

The episode opens with Seema showing Carrie and Anthony an apartment in downtown Manhattan. Later, Carrie meets her friends and tells them that she bought the apartment even though she doesn’t love it. On the other hand, Rock tells Charlotte that they wish to redecorate their side of the room and also cut their hair short. They also tell her that they don’t want the Madame Alexander International Doll Collection figurines; Lily agrees that the dolls are culturally inappropriate.

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Meanwhile, Miranda frequently masturbates whilst daydreaming about Che. At school, she meets Nya and tells her that she needs to be assertive about avoiding baby-related topics if they make her upset. Thus, over dinner, we see Nya awkwardly talking over “Fertile Myrtle” in an attempt to change the topic. However, it is revealed that Myrtle is pregnant. Later, Nya and Andre have sex; the former feels comforted by the latter despite their failed IVF rounds.

Carrie accompanies Seema when the realtor goes sari-shopping for Diwali and gets invited to her family function. Seema brushes away Carrie’s fears regarding cultural appropriation and tells her that her wearing a sari or a lehenga classifies as cultural appreciation instead. Later, Charlotte helps Carrie move some belongings into her new apartment, but the latter breaks down after she comes across Mr. Big’s records.

We also see that Carrie goes with Anthony for his facelift appointment. However, Dr. Paul David tells Anthony that he’s “hot” and doesn’t need a facelift. Soon, Carrie becomes curious and asks the doctor what he thinks about her face. She then quickly explains that she doesn’t look like her usual self because she hasn’t slept and recently lost her husband.

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Dr. Paul tells Carrie that she is beautiful, doesn’t need a facelift, and can just do with a little “refresh.” Due to her desire to go back to the grief-free days of her youth, Carrie agrees to look at a 3D image of her face after plastic surgery — a facelift, a neck lift, and other procedures. When the doctor tells her that he can make the last 15 years disappear (off her face), Carrie asks how much it’ll cost.

And Just Like That… Episode 6 Ending: Does Carrie Move Downtown? Does Carrie Leave Her Old Apartment?

Over lunch, Carrie tells Miranda and Charlotte about her thoughts about getting some “work” done on her face. Miranda is against it, but Charlotte supports the concept in general. Then, Charlotte praises Miranda for quitting alcohol cold turkey. However, an argument erupts after Miranda reveals the truth about Che. Later, Carrie — from her brownstone apartment — goes for the Diwali function with Seema.

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Much later, we see that Rock gets their hair cut short and Charlotte removes the dolls from their room. Rock also puts up the poster they want over the “Rose” mural. Clearly, Charlotte is beginning to embrace her child’s new identity, even though she is saddened by how people around her are changing.

In the first half of the episode, we see that Carrie moves downtown into her expansive, all-white, river-facing apartment. She explains that she doesn’t want to live in her brownstone apartment because she doesn’t want to be one of those people who stay in the same building for 25 years. She hastily bought the new apartment because she was tired of bothering Seema and wanted an immediate change of setting.

However, Carrie doesn’t feel at home in her new place, despite the presence of her favorite lamp and sunhat. Soon, a mysterious beeping noise starts to bother her. Later, when she realizes that running away from the past will not heal her grief, Carrie tells Seema that she hates the downtown apartment. Seema immediately tells her that they can sell it, stating that she should love where she lives.

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In the episode’s last scenes, we see that Carrie moves back into her brownstone apartment because that is her true home. Thus, it’s obvious that she is selling or has already sold her downtown apartment. She wears her Carrie pendant again and also starts re-embracing Mr. Big’s belongings, deciding to love the past instead of hiding away from it. She displays his old records on her bookshelf, nostalgically hugs his blazer, and settles down to unwind with her record player.

“And just like that…I remembered how much I loved the last 15 years,” Carrie says at the end, accepting that the joyous memories cannot be separated from the painful ones. It’s also apparent that she will not follow through with the plastic surgery and facelift as she has accepted her present. Later, we also see her wearing Mr. Big’s blazer over a red dress; Carrie has started to think more about her husband’s life than his death.

Does Miranda Tell Charlotte About Che?

At the park, Miranda ends up telling her friends that she has replaced her obsessive drinking with obsessive masturbation. She also confesses that she daydreams about Che in order to arouse herself. Surprisingly, Charlotte agrees that Che is “cool and charming” and reveals that she too had a weird sex dream involving the comedian and a ferry. Then, Miranda lets her friend know that her daydreams are actually a replay of real-life events.

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“I had sex with Che at Carrie’s apartment after the surgery when we thought she was asleep,” states Miranda. Charlotte is shocked; Carrie says that she doesn’t know what’s going on between her boss and her friend. Miranda says that she doesn’t know what “it” is either. “It is an affair! That’s what it is,” exclaims Charlotte. Miranda argues that it wasn’t an affair as it was “a finger.”

When Charlotte asks if Miranda is now gay, the latter says that she doesn’t know, explaining that “it’s complicated” because Che is non-binary. “You’re married to a man, and now you’re suddenly having non-binary sex,” says Charlotte, accusingly. “It was the most alive that I have felt in years,” Miranda counters. Soon, an argument breaks out when Charlotte says that Miranda isn’t “progressive enough for this.”

Carrie stops Miranda from walking away, explaining that she can’t afford to lose more friends since they have already lost Samantha. Charlotte apologizes to Miranda and explains that she wants to understand what’s happening. Later, Miranda DMs Che, asking them if they want to “hang out sometime.” It seems like Miranda is ready to explore a romantic relationship with Che and feels better about her situation. However, although Carrie and Charlotte are supportive, they are clearly of the opinion that Miranda’s exploration of her sexuality classifies as infidelity.

What Happens At Seema’s Diwali Family Function?

Carrie, in a gorgeous lehenga, goes to Seema’s house for the Diwali function and meets her parents upon arrival. However, it soon becomes obvious that Seema has told her parents that she is dating an extremely busy man named Dennis who works with Doctors Without Borders. Carrie doesn’t rat Seema out and instead tells her parents that their daughter is “such a magnificent woman that it’s hard to find a man that’s good enough.”

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Later, whilst the two of them smoke in the car, Carrie asks Seema about the nonexistent Dennis. Seema explains that it’s just easier to make her parents think that she’s in a relationship since they are constantly worried about her being single and want her to get married. She also confesses that she made Dennis white so that her parents wouldn’t get too heartbroken.

Carrie then asks Seema if she is happy being alone; the realtor says that she mostly is happy, despite the fact that it is often wishful thinking on her part. It’s obvious that Carrie is trying to figure out how to live her life without Mr. Big, and Seema’s words and lifestyle seem to be giving her hope. Then, Seema ties a thread around Carrie’s wrist, explaining that it’s a Hindu custom intended to be a reminder of one’s strength. Carrie smiles, and it’s clear that she is finally moving on from Mr. Big’s death.

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