Animal Control Season 3 Starts Filming in Vancouver Next Month

Cameras are on standby for Frank Shaw and his crew! The third season of FOX’s sitcom ‘Animal Control‘ will start filming in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the 17th of next month. The production of the upcoming installment is scheduled to last until August 20. Tad Quill continues to serve as the showrunner of the series, created by Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg, and Dan Sterling as the network’s first fully owned live-action comedy.

In the second season finale, titled ‘Beagles and Lemurs,’ several key storylines get turned around. Victoria passes her citizenship test, which is celebrated by Shred and Patel at a party. Despite the lack of scenes featuring Victoria and Frank, the episode highlights the amusing moments shared between Emily and Frank as they try to bust an animal trafficking ring, resulting in the latter’s cat being stolen. The subplot involving the renovated house takes an unexpected turn when someone falls through the floor, setting up future developments. Frank accepts his current life despite occasionally missing his past as a cop. In a significant twist, Emily realizes her feelings for Shred just as he connects with another woman. Emily avoids a proposal from Rick by pretending her phone has frozen, making it clear that this love triangle is poised to be an integral part of the next season.

In the third installment, viewers can anticipate even more hilarious animal antics and the dedicated officers’ efforts to manage these emergencies despite their management’s interference. While the narrative is expected to focus on episodic misadventures, the character arcs will likely continue to develop. Frank Shaw, still grappling with his past as a former cop ousted for exposing corruption, may continue to adapt to his new role at Animal Control.

As the season progresses, Emily’s ambition to climb the ranks will possibly become a key storyline, potentially introducing new challenges and dynamics. Additionally, the unresolved love triangle between Emily, Shred, and his new love interest, alongside Frank and Victoria’s evolving relationship, is expected to add layers to the upcoming season’s narrative. Expect the comedic tension and heartfelt moments to be intertwined as these characters navigate their personal and professional lives.

The cast of ‘Animal Control’ will likely remain unchanged in the third season. Joel McHale has to return as Frank Shaw, along with Vella Lovell as Emily Price and Michael Rowland as Fred “Shred” Taylor. Ravi V. Patel may continue portraying Amit Patel, and Grace Palmer will likely return as Victoria Sands. Additionally, the returnees may also include Gerry Dee as Templeton Dudge, Kelli Ogmundson as Dolores Stubb, and Alvina August as Dr. Colette Summers. We may also see Amy Goodmurphy as AM Dispatch, Kevin Bigley as Rick Doyle, and Krystal Smith as Bettany in the new season.

Vancouver is also the primary filming location of the series’ previous seasons. Other FOX productions like ‘House’ and ‘The X-Files‘ were also shot in the city.

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