Netflix’s Ankahi Kahaniya Ending, Explained

‘Ankahi Kahaniya’ (which means ‘Untold Stories’) is a heartwarming film that explores the various definitions of love in its most unconventional and unexpected forms. The Hindi-language anthology film features three distinct and unique stories that encompass the journey of a diverse group of characters who discover meaningful connections in a refreshing manner.

The three segments are directed by talented Indian filmmakers Saket Chaudhary, Abhishek Chaubey, and Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. If you watched the emotionally charged movie and failed to grasp some of the surprising decisions taken by the characters, we’ve got you covered! Here’s what happens at the end of each of the three stories in ‘Ankahi Kahaniya.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Ankahi Kahaniya Plot Synopsis

‘Ankahi Kahaniya’ begins with the story of Pradeep, a young man who is working at a clothes shop in Mumbai. Pradeep goes through the motions of life and works hard without any form of companionship. However, one day, when his boss asks him to pick up a female mannequin for the shop’s display, Pradeep’s life changes. He grows attached to the mannequin whom he names Pari.

Eventually, Pradeep’s boss finds out about his fixation with the mannequin and fires him from the job. Pradeep goes back to his village and reconnects with his childhood friend Sashi. They decide to get married, and Pradeep returns to Mumbai and rejoins his old job. Upon learning that his boss sent away the mannequin after firing him, Pradeep tirelessly searches for her.

The second story follows Nandu, who works at a movie theater. The hardworking Nandu looks after his uncle, Kalu, an alcoholic, who adopted him as a child. One day at the theater, Nandu meets Manjiri, a young girl who is mistreated by her family. The two become acquainted and talk about their mutual dislike for the circumstances life has thrown at them. They decide to run away from Mumbai and start a new life. However, they find themselves wondering whether they are ready for this challenge.

In the third segment, Tanu, a married woman, suspects that her husband, Arjun, is cheating on her with a colleague, Natasha. Tanu contacts Natasha’s husband, Manav. He initially does not believe his wife is cheating on him but decides to investigate the matter. The two spend a day at the place where the affair between their spouses began and try to retrace their steps in hopes of figuring out the truth about the affair. In the process, Tanu and Manav grow closer to each other and contemplate what should be their next step in their respective life and marriage.

Ankahi Kahaniya Ending: Do Tanu and Manav End Up Together?

Tanu and Manav first meet to uncover the true extent of their spouses’ affair. However, they quickly find themselves bonding with each other. Manav wants to divorce his wife, and we learn that he has been betting on his marriage failing. On the other hand, Tanu wants to save her marriage, and it is revealed that her husband has cheated on her before.

While retracing their spouses’ steps, Manav and Tanu end up comforting each other. We see how they would make an ideal match. They also kiss, hinting at the possibility of a romantic relationship between them. However, we learn that things between Natasha and Arjun have ended. Manav, who initially wanted his marriage to fail, ends up forgiving Natasha. Meanwhile, Tanu realizes that Arjun returned to her only after Natasha dumped him, and she decides to divorce him.

In the end, Tanu and Manav do not end up together. However, their time with each other changes their perspective about what they want in life and from their relationships. Tanu helps Manav realize that his failure as a businessman does not translate to his marriage. Manav aids Tanu to recognize that she has an identity outside her marriage. Ultimately, Tanu and Manav decide to part ways as friends, and their brief connection helps them discover self-love.

Do Manjiri and Nandu End Up Together?

After Manjiri and Nandu run away from their homes, they stop at a restaurant near a bus stop. There they discuss their future. When Nandu goes to purchase a bus ticket, he buys two tickets to different destinations. In the end, Manjiri and Nandu board separate buses, which signals that they are both headed in a different direction in life. Before parting, Manjiri gifts Nandu a handkerchief with embroidery made by her while Nandu gives Manjiri cookies she likes.

The tender moment denotes that they cherish the connection they have formed. However, looking back at their conversation about their future, it is evident why Nandu chooses to buy tickets to different places. Manjiri wants to study while Nandu intends to start his own business someday. Realizing that he cannot provide her with the life she wants, Nandu decides they should go separate ways.

The ending is a quiet moment of suppressed emotions that highlights the inner turmoil of two people standing on the brink of a new challenge in life. Instead of finding comfort in each other, they choose the braver option and decide to pursue their dreams. The connection they have formed with each other provides them the courage to do so.

Does Pradeep Find Pari?

After Pradeep returns to his old job, it seems like his life is finally back on track. However, he starts to look for Pari, the mannequin that became the cause of the tribulations in his life. For a moment, we ponder whether Pradeep is actually crazy for loving an inanimate object. In the end, he finds Pari at a costume shop. He has one last heart-to-heart conversation with Pari.

Pradeep tells Pari that he is getting married and is extremely happy. His loneliness has faded away. Pradeep acknowledges that while his actions might seem crazy to others, they stem from the loneliness he experienced due to the lack of companionship in the big city. He thanks Pari for listening to him. In retrospect, we understand that Pari is an outlet for Pradeep to release the frustrations from his loneliness.

In life, for various reasons, one might get attached to inanimate objects, but there is a deeper level of emotions behind that attachment that others don’t always see. The same is true in Pradeep’s case. The harrowing depths of loneliness can push a person towards craziness. As a result, Pradeep seeks comfort in Pari despite others thinking he is crazy. The entire story can be seen as a commentary on how people look down upon relationships that they consider taboo.

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