Anna Middleton: Cheat Episode 2 Finalist is Working as a Dental Hygienist Now

Netflix’s ‘Cheat‘ is an exciting game show encouraging contestants to cheat to gain an advantage. However, one must do so carefully, as getting caught can put one in danger of elimination. With such an unorthodox premise, it is interesting to witness the strategies each player brings to the table. Hence, fans were delighted when episode 2 of the show introduced Anna Middleton, who indicated that she would remain calm before striking like a snake at the opportune moment. Besides, the London resident even described her desire to win by claiming that her friends call her Anna-Conda.

Anna’s Cheat Journey

Since Anna was sure about her chances of winning, she answered confidently and got two of her four questions correct. However, she gave one wrong answer while cheating on her last question. On top of that, the London resident had a massive tell when lying, immediately making others accuse her of cheating. Yet, she somehow managed to save her skin by remaining vigilant and noticing other underhand activities, as at the end of the round, she had the highest number of successful accusations. Thus, with Anna as the chief cheat hunter, she removed Dan, who she believed had cheated the most.

In round two, Anna managed to get a perfect score, but the show revealed that she had cheated on her last answer once again. Meanwhile, most of her competitors were pretty suspicious of her success and accused her of cheating multiple times. Yet, apart from shaking off their allegations, Anna retained her position as leading cheat hunter, which gave her the power to choose her opponent in the finals. Hence, after considering her options, she decided to get rid of Deborah, hoping it would return the most money to the prize pool.

This decision turned out to be a mistake as Obi remained Anna’s most significant threat as he was well-versed in trivia and had the lowest number of cheated answers as of that moment. Still, the final round was reasonably close, with Anna and Obi answering their first questions correctly. However, once Obi responded to his second question, Anna accused him of cheating, which turned out to be an inaccurate call. Hence, Obi ended up winning a total of 42000 pounds while Anna ended her run in second place.

Where is Anna Middleton Now?

Anna completed her diploma in Dental Hygiene from the Eastman Dental Hospital in 2015 before earning a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Oral Health Science from the University of Essex in 2021. In the meantime, she worked as a Registered Dental Hygienist for several London-based clinics, including Roseneath Dental Surgery, White & Co, and Chelsea Dental Clinic. However, in June 2015, Anna decided to start her independent freelance business, Dental Innovation Consultant, through which she has worked with several popular brands, including P&G, Phillips, and Unilever.

Currently, Anna resides in London, England, where she earns a living as an independent Dental Hygienist and Therapist by running two clinics in Chelsea and Knightsbridge. While her work has made her immensely popular in her field, readers will be surprised to know she has been featured in respected publications like Forbes, BBC, and Telegraph. Additionally, Anna is associated with EMS Dental as a GBT provider & trainer; we hope she finds success in all her future endeavors.

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