Are Aparna and Jay From Indian Matchmaking Still Together?

After gaining massive success with dating reality shows like ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ and ‘Dating Around,’ Netflix is back with another groundbreaking series, this time focusing on what goes on behind the scenes during the process of Desi arranged marriages. Here, potential partners would meet each other not just to date or start a relationship, but to actually get married towards the end. Kind of like in ‘Married at First Sight,’ each participant’s potential partner is selected by a relationship expert, a notable matchmaker, Sima Taparia, whose goal is to give “happiness to others.”

In episode 1 itself, we were introduced to Aparna Shewakramani, who, by her expressions and opinions instantly became someone who we knew would be interesting, and that’s putting it gently. She came off as negative on more than one occasion and in the trailer of the show itself she had said that she didn’t like comedy, so did she find her perfect match? Let’s find out!

Aparna and Jay: Indian Matchmaking Journey

She’s feisty, yes, and she’s incredibly successful, but more than that, Aparna Shewakramani is someone who comes off as snobby and spoilt. After her first meeting with Sima, the expert was open when she said that she knew handling this client would be “difficult,” and after she met with Aparna’s mother, she realized that it would be even harder to please her. Aparna’s criteria list was long, but she didn’t deem herself as picky. Nevertheless, we’ll be honest, it was good to see a strong confident woman who knew what she wanted and refused to settle for less.

Based on that long list, Sima selected a few candidates as Aparna’s potential suitors, but she only gave her one bio-data so that she wouldn’t be confused by choices. He, Srinivas, came over, met her family, and then took her on a date, an ax-throwing date. It seemed to go well, but when he admitted that he became an author and podcast host because he wasn’t able to find his perfect job, Aparna was put off and refused to meet him again. After that, she went on a date with Dilip, and then Shekar, but, nothing worked out.

And so, her search continued. Through the journey of finding her match, Aparna found herself and changed a bit, becoming more open and less judgmental of those around her. She went on a few other dates before she landed with Jay. They first met and talked on a video call, but when that went well, he came over to meet her. Their first official date involved doing yoga at a goat farm and because that went well, Aparna even introduced him to her friends. By the end of it all, both Aparna and Jay seemed genuinely happy to have found each other.

Where Are Aparna and Jay Now?

Although Aparna has made it clear that she and Jay are no longer romantically involved, they do seem to be on good terms. They follow each other on Instagram and Jay even posted about their date on his feed, back when it first happened in late 2019. Their banter seemed to be positive and conversational instead of negative and confrontational. Plus, the biggest thing, Aparna said that she “didn’t hate” him, which, coming from her mouth, was a massive compliment. So, of course, we had hoped that they would end up together, but alas, it didn’t happen.


As for where she currently is, Aparna still resides in Houston, Texas, and she is still close with her family. On the series, she said that ever since she started working as a lawyer she’s been trying to figure out a way to step out of it, and, from the looks of it, it seems like she’s found it. Owing to her love of travel and experiencing new things, she has established a company by the name of My Golden Ballon, which offers services like city guides and tours for interested individuals. And Jay, he’s still working as the counter-top expert.

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