Appendage Ending, Explained: Does Hannah Die?

Hulu’s ‘Appendage’ is a horror drama film written and helmed by Anna Zlokovic. Based on Zlokovic’s short film of the same name, the feature stars Hadley Robinson (‘Winning Time‘) in the lead role. The movie tells the story of Hannah, a young woman who struggles to cope with crippling self-doubt. After her insecurity manifests into physical pain, Hannah is exposed to the titular monster. While Hannah deals with her self-doubt, she is forced to confront the monster as it tries to take over her life. If you are looking for answers about Hannah’s fate and whether she defeats her demons, real and metaphorical, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Appendage.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Appendage Plot Synopsis

‘Appendage’ follows Hannah, a young fashion designer who leads an anxiety-driven and insecure life. Hannah is uncomfortable during interactions with her parents. She lives in fear of her boss, Cristean, a famous fashion designer, and craves his approval. Hannah has only one close friend, Esther, and is afraid of intimacy with her boyfriend, Kaelin. During dinner with her parents, Hannah’s internal negative thoughts manifest as pain on her birthmark near her appendix.

After Cristean describes her latest design as unoriginal and accuses her of plagiarism, Hannah experiences another episode of chronic appendix pain. While pleasing her boss, Hannah also upsets her boyfriend by abandoning him when he talks about his tragic childhood memories. Eventually, Hannah is hospitalized because of the pain, and the doctor reveals that she has dual DNA – a sign of vanishing twin syndrome. Hannah speaks with her mother and asks her if she has a twin but does not receive a satisfying response.

Soon, a monstrous creature emerges from Hannah’s birthmark and taunts her for not having her life together. After another episode, she knocks out the monster, which separates from her. Hannah locks up the monster in her basement and wonders if she is losing her mind. While searching for answers about the creature’s sudden emergence, Hannah fights with Esther. The monster uses a form of hypnosis to make Hannah feel miserable about herself. It plays with her insecurities and plants the suspicion of Kaelin cheating on her with Esther.

Later, Hannah discovers a support group of people with the vanishing twin syndrome. At the meeting, Hannah learns that the creatures manifest from unresolved trauma and feed on their host’s insecurities. They are essentially parasites that thrive on their hosts’ misery. After the meeting, Hannah speaks with Claudia, who also attends the support group. The two women bond over how their respective monsters have upended their lives.

Hannah reveals as a teenager, she got into a car accident and admits to trying to inflict self-harm. Meanwhile, Hannah uses a drug she received at the meeting to keep her monster in check. Hannah thrives while the monster becomes weak and is confined to her basement. However, when Hannah’s insecurities resurface, she takes Claudia’s advice, leading to the monster letting loose. While Hannah is trapped in her basement, the monster slowly takes over her life and threatens to sever its connection with its host.

Appendage Ending: Does Hannah Die?

During the film’s final act, it is revealed that Claudia has been replaced by her appendage monster. Claudia’s monster tricks Hannah into listening to her monster in a bid to improve her life. However, it leads to Hannah’s appendage monster taking over her life. While Hannah is locked up in the basement, her monster slowly assimilates herself into the former’s life. However, she must find a way to sever the connection between herself and her host before killing Hannah and replacing her once and for all. Meanwhile, the other appendage monsters also seem to have taken over their hosts.

At the meeting, Fred demonstrates that preying on another civilian will sever their connection with their host and lead to the monsters finally succeeding in replacing them. Esther grows worried about Hannah’s well-being and tries to speak with her, only to be rebuffed by her monster, who now completely resembles Hannah. However, Esther breaks into Hannah’s basement after her suspicions grow. On the other hand, the appendage monster targets Kaelin as it approaches the final stage of its plan. However, Esther and Hannah arrive in the nick of time to save Kaelin. As a result, a battle ensues between the monsters and Hannah that will decide their fates once and for all.

Does Hannah Get Her Life Back?

Hannah engages in a fight with her appendage monster. Claudia’s monster tries to intervene, but Esther and Hannah overpower her with each other’s help. Hannah uses the drug given to her to neutralize Claudia’s monster. Meanwhile, Hannah’s appendage monster tries to kill Kaelin. The parasitic creature slowly sucks out Kaelin’s life force and becomes stronger while Esther and Hannah fight Claudia. Eventually, Hannah intervenes and succeeds in cutting her monster’s tongue. As a result, she defeats her monster, which has been trying to upstage her life. At last, Hannah regains control of her life. Defeating the monster helps her overcome insecurities about herself.

Thus, she starts thriving by quitting her job under Cristean to start her fashion line with Eshter. Hannah also resolves her long-gestating issues with her parents, and it becomes evident they were unsupportive of Hannah during her mental health issues. Nonetheless, the ending implies that the family has reconciled. Hannah also continues her romance with Kaelin, and their bond only depends. Ultimately, the appendage monster represents Hannah’s insecurities, leading to fractured relationships, a stressful career, trauma, and countless other problems. However, overpowering the creature gives Hannah the strength to overcome her internal issues, and she lives a fulfilling life in the end.

What Happens to the Monsters?

During the film’s climax, Hannah and Esther face Claudia and Hannah’s monster. After the battle, Hannah and Esther free Claudia from confinement, confirming that her monster died. On the other hand, Hannah refuses to kill her monster. Without the ability to suck Hannah’s life force, the monster grows weak and fragile, returning to its initial form. In the movie’s final moments, Hannah looks after her monster. The scene seemingly implies that Hannah does not want to sever her connection with the creature. In the film, Hannah laments over her traumatic car accident and is forced to wonder whether she deserves to be alive.

Moreover, her feelings of self-loathing and disappointment are fueled by the revelation that she consumed her twin in her mother’s womb. As a result, Hannah likely feels a connection with the monster and chooses not to kill it. However, the more likely explanation for Hannah refusing to kill the monster is directly connected to the movie’s primary theme. The monster is a manifestation of Hannah’s self-doubt and anxiety. As a result, it is a part of Hannah, despite is negative effects on her life. By refusing to kill the monster and looking after it, Hannah accepts the darker aspects of her personality. She embraces her self-doubt and anxiety but does not allow them to feed off her positivity. The same is represented through the monster’s weak and fragile state, as it can no longer influence Hannah. Thus, the film ends with Hannah making peace with her inner demons.

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