Apples Never Fall: All Locations Where the Peacock Show is Shot

‘Apples Never Fall’ is a Peacock miniseries that revolves around the affluent Delaney family, and the unveiling of their secrets and hidden agendas upon the disappearance of their matriarch. Stan and Joy Delaney are former tennis coaches who are selling their family business and retiring. The couple seeks to enter a new phase in their lives, hoping to make up for the time they hadn’t spent with their family. Their four adult children are each focused on their own lifestyle and career paths, but at least outwardly, they are glad to hear of the development.

Their celebrations are short-lived, however, and everything changes when a panicked and bleeding woman knocks on their door, seeking refuge. The incident is shortly followed by the disappearance of Joy, with a few clues pointing to a possible kidnapping. As Stan becomes the primary suspect in the investigation, the children reevaluate what they know about their own family, even beginning to find some of their siblings’ behaviors suspicious. Based on Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name, the mystery series leads us through the diverse backdrops of Palm Beach County, Florida, generating questions related to the exact locations where it is filmed.

Apples Never Fall Filming Locations

Filming for ‘Apples Never Fall’ is largely carried out in Gold Coast, Australia, which stands in for the series’s primary setting in Palm Beach County, Florida. For a few scenes and sequences in the show, the film crew ventures to London, England, and Palm Beach County, Florida. Principal photography for season 1 of the series began in March 2023 in Queensland, and the first season was completed in five months. Shooting had to be suspended part-way due to the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike. Allow us to take you through the specific filming sites seen in the series.

Gold Coast, Australia

Situated along the coast of Queensland’s southeastern border, Gold Coast serves as the main filming location for ‘Apples Never Fall,’ providing the backdrop for the series’s portrayal of Palm Beach County, Florida. Known for its stunning beaches, lush hinterland, and vibrant urban areas, the Gold Coast offered a diverse range of settings to bring the Delaney family saga to life. The shooting sites utilized by the production team are located around the Paradise Point and Main Beach neighborhoods of the city.

In Paradise Point, a picturesque suburb on the northern end of the Gold Coast, the production crew captures scenes depicting the upscale neighborhood around which the Delaney family resides. The tranquil waterfront and posh residences of Paradise Point provide the perfect backdrop for conveying the affluent lifestyle of the Delaney family and their neighbors. In the first episode, when the children are sitting at a cafe table and discussing how their mother hasn’t been picking up any of their calls, they are actually in Paradise Point.

Another filming site in Paradise Point is an opulent estate located at 26-34 Knightsbridge Parade East. Known as Villa Victoria, the palatial mansion can be seen against the backdrop of a few key scenes in the series. This majestic residence depicts the pinnacle of luxury, boasting six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, with a 4-meter bronze statue of Neptune serving as a centerpiece past its domed entrance flanked by marble pillars.

Additionally, filming took place at Main Beach, one of the Gold Coast’s most iconic beachfront destinations. With its pristine sands and stunning ocean views, Main Beach provided a scenic backdrop for outdoor scenes. The production crew was spotted by residents as they filmed scenes in the area. Police patrol cars with badges of Palm Beach County, Florida, could be seen at the film sets near the Sea World theme park.

When filming for the series began, actor Sam Neill appreciated working alongside the five-time Oscar-nominated actress Annette Bening. During their long shooting schedule, he hosted a viewing of Annette Bening’s films to remind everyone of the talent they were in the presence of. “Because we were all on location, none of us were living out of home, I decided to have on Sunday nights a mini Annette Bening film festival,” Neill said in an interview. “I’d bring my wine (I’m also a wine maker). We’d watch an Annette Bening movie and then discuss with the star.

A chief reason for ‘Apples Never Fall’ to be filmed in Gold Coast is the Australian government’s location incentive program and the Queensland government’s support for the production. “We’re thrilled to bring another premium series to Australia,” said Beatrice Springborn, President of Universal International Studios. “We’ve had wonderful experiences with the local teams on past productions and are grateful for the support provided by the Australian government and Screen Queensland.”

Palm Beach County, Florida

As the authentic setting of the series and novel, Palm Beach County, Florida, becomes a filming destination for ‘Apples Never Fall.’ A camera team was dispatched to the region to capture the distinct urban sprawl and sun-kissed landscapes of Palm Beach County in order to show them in a few establishing shots.

London, England

Shooting for the Peacock series reportedly also takes place in London. The series’ production team traveled to the capital city for pre-production and the first leg of filming in March 2023. The iconic landmarks and cityscape of London were captured for a few scenes in the debut season of the show.

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