Ángel and Zara From Deep Fake Love: Are They Still Dating?

Deep Fake Love,’ AKA ‘Falso Amor,’ is a Spanish reality show by Netflix that puts the participating couples through some grueling tests to test the strength of their relationship. The use of Deep Fake technology in this series helps it stand out among the crowd as viewers and contestants alike marvel at what can be achieved with such a tool. While the experiment is primarily about the featured couples, some connections were formed in the show itself that fans cannot help but be curious about. This certainly holds for Ángel Santiago and Zara, whose on-screen story has left many wondering if they are still together, and we are here to explore the same.

Ángel and Zara’s Deep Fake Love Journey

Having been in a relationship with Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla for about five years, Ángel entered the show just how committed he was, though Gabriela seemed somewhat skeptical about his ability to remain loyal. For the duration of the experiment, he had to live in the Venus villa alongside four other participants and various eligible singles. It was not long before Ángel found himself gravitating toward Zara, who seemed to reciprocate his interest.

As Ángel and Zara got to know each other better and better, their physical proximity also increased. Though he tried to resist as much as possible, he soon commented that trying to restrict himself might not fulfill the purpose of the whole experiment, so he decided to do what he felt was the right thing. Hence, Ángel led Zara to his bedroom, and the two started to make out, something that every other Venus resident noted.

The clips of Ángel and Zara’s increasing proximity upset Gabriela, who could not understand what her boyfriend was doing. While he expressed guilt about what he was doing, he grew closer to Zara. In the aftermath of the second White Room, Gabriela took up the option of being able to communicate with her boyfriend via a television screen non-verbally and used gestures to express how furious she was. This further upset Ángel, but he continued to soldier on.

As the show continued, Ángel and Zara grew closer, with the former even indicating a possible future outside the experiment. Meanwhile, Gabriela had also kissed Carlos in the other villa but was unsure if her boyfriend would believe she did so, given her reaction to his actions. While it hurt him, Ángel admitted that he had also grown closer to Zara on the show.

Ángel and Zara’s Dating Status is Unclear

As of writing, Ángel and Zara have not shared any updates regarding their relationship status. It should be noted that the former still follows Gabriela on Instagram, with the reverse also being true. Additionally, they are part of each other’s social media feeds, indicating they may not have broken up. If that is indeed true, then Ángel and Zara are likely not together anymore.

Moreover, Ángel and Zara have not interacted much on social media, with the latter being seemingly private about her personal life. In conclusion, it is possible that their on-screen romance may have already come to an end. Despite their possible romantic status, we wish them the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future.

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