Are Casey and Tamaris From FBoy Island Still Together?

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While being presented as an exciting dating reality show, ‘FBoy Island‘ is actually a social experiment discovering whether FBoys can truly reform themselves. Featuring three single women, the show follows them as they try and find their perfect partners from a group of 26 male participants. Unbeknownst to the women, half of the suitors are nice guys, and the other half are FBoys, who are in it solely for the prize money. As the single ladies get to mingle and date before making the final decision, it is exciting to find out if an FBoy makes it to the top, only to disappear with the money.

Tamaris Sepulveda seemed quite interested in Tom Carnifax from the very start, yet the tables turned once Casey Johnson arrived on the island. He immediately stole Tamaris’ attention, and the two seemed quite invested in each other. With the season now behind us, let’s find out if they are still together, shall we?

Tamaris and Casey’s FBoy Island Journey

Interestingly, Casey did not appear on the show from the first episode, and Tom Carnifax stole New York-based account executive Tamaris Sepulveda’s heart with his incredible physique and charming personality. Although Tom was 23 and Tamaris, 29, the latter mentioned that the attraction was too much for her to resist, and she could not help but fall for someone younger. In fact, once they got to spend some alone time together, they ended up in a wild makeout session, and it was pretty clear that their connection was purely physical. Thus, things took a sharp turn once Casey Johnson announced his arrival.

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Casey was the runner-up of ‘FBoy Island’ season 1, and Tamaris later mentioned that she found him quite hot even when she watched him on television. Thus, with him present on the scene in person, the New Yorker wasted no time getting to know him, and the two seemed quite comfortable. Despite Tamaris having a pretty successful connection with Tom at that time, she decided to risk it all by listening to her heart and asking Casey out on a date.

Surprisingly, Tamaris did so in front of Tom, who was quite vocal about his disappointment and claimed that she was never interested in him as a person. However, his protests did not deter the account executive from her chosen path, and she had a wonderful time with Casey during her date. As anticipated, Tamaris and Casey connected on a deeper level, and their attraction had more to it than just physicality. Hence, the pair even shared a tender kiss towards the end, and fans speculated that a long-lasting relationship was in the works.

Image Credit: Hassen Salum/HBO Max

Unfortunately, the journey wasn’t so easy for Tamaris as she was torn between Casey and Tom for most of the season. While the New York-based account executive did develop a more profound connection with the former, she also felt quite strongly for Tom, even though their bond was mostly physical. Besides, once both of her connections revealed themselves to be nice guys, Tamaris found herself in a more profound dilemma as the day of the finale edged closer.

Interestingly, before Tamaris got to choose her partner, she learned that there was an option to reject both of her connections and keep the money for herself. Thus, calling herself an “FGirl,” Tamaris chose to do just that, leaving Tom and Casey quite dejected.

Are Casey Johnson and Tamaris Sepulveda Still Together?

Casey and Tamaris seemed to be going strong till the end of season 2, but they embraced privacy once filming ended and haven’t revealed much about their present status. From what we’ve gathered, Casey has returned to his modeling job and is passing one milestone after the other on the way to further success. On the other hand, Tamaris returned to her account executive job in New York, although she frequently travels to Miami for modeling gigs.

At times, contestants on a dating show end the season as singles but later go on to form wonderful relationships. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case with Casey and Tamaris, as the two rarely interact in public. While they are pretty active on social media and maintain a solid bond with a few of their co-contestants, they appear to lead independent and happy lives surrounded by friends and family. Moreover, with no reports on their dating life and the lack of a romantic partner quite apparent through their posts, we can safely assume that  Casey and Tamaris are single as of writing.

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