Chelsea Lazkani and Bre Tiesi Aren’t Friends

Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’ is an interesting reality show that follows several real estate agents from the Oppenheim group going about their daily lives. With cameras documenting the cast’s every move, we witness how they simultaneously deal with demanding clients while balancing their personal and professional commitments. Furthermore, the show adds a sprinkling of romance and drama, which makes things interesting.

Seasons 6 and 7 of ‘Selling Sunset‘ chronicle a developing altercation between agents Chelsea Lazkani and Bre Tiesi. While the latter is a mother to a toddler, whom she shares with TV Host Nick Cannon, her co-worker believes that her relationship with her baby daddy is unhealthy. Naturally, the spat ultimately led to trouble in the workplace, with a few other agents also trying to act as mediators. Nevertheless, with the cameras now turned away, let’s find out if Chelsea and Bre are still friends, shall we?

Chelsea and Bre’s Selling Sunset Journey

While Chelsea has been a regular at the Oppenheim group since ‘Selling Sunset’ season 5, Bre is a newcomer who started her journey in season 6. Interestingly, readers might remember Chelsea’s relationship with former cast member Christine Quinn and how she caught quite a bit of flak for it. However, things seemingly quietened down after Christine left the Oppenheim Group, and Chelsea’s co-workers even warmed up to her cheerful and lively presence.

On the other hand, readers will be interested to know that Bre is a former model and reality star who transitioned into the real estate industry shortly before the pandemic. However, she gained an immense amount of experience during her short tenure as a real estate agent and even had several multi-million dollar deals under her belt before joining the Oppenheim group. Additionally, Bre addressed concerns about her fitting into the elite real estate agency by saying, “I’ve just grown up in the industry. I’m a people person. I can fit in any situation, and I can be in any room. So I’m not intimidated at all. I think It’ll be interesting to see who I gravitate towards.”

On the show, Bre mentioned that she is a mother to her infant son, Legendary Love, whom she shares with Nick Cannon. She even appeared to love motherhood, as the real estate agent enjoyed her time with her son and wore his name on a necklace around her neck. Yet, things appeared to be going great until Bre mentioned that her baby daddy had fathered eleven other children from his other relationships. Even though she did not care much about Nick’s past or his other children, her co-worker, Chelsea Lazani, pointed out how such a relationship can feel off-putting from a Christian standpoint.

Interestingly, Chelsea and Bre’s altercation began during a team meeting early into season 6, when the new mother revealed that she had a bit of bad history with one of the former’s closest friends. Bre even called Chelsea out for bringing that friend to a party and claimed she did so to rattle the new hire. Chelsea immediately denied having such an intention, and she was also surprised at how Bre brought up a personal grudge during a work meeting. Besides, she claimed that her colleague’s constant accusations were hampering her work, especially in a professional setting.

Things then continued to unravel, but by the time season 7 rolled around, it appeared as if Chelsea and Bre were good with just having no contact whatsoever — they didn’t fight because they didn’t talk. However, it all took a turn once Amanza decided to play mediator as she considered both women great friends, especially because she unwittingly ended up telling Bre Chelsea was a thing of apologizing even if she was sure she wasn’t alone in making judgemental comments. This actually made the latter’s ultimate apology seem insincere in Bre’s eyes too, a suspicion that only grew multifold once she ended up befriending her once-acquaintance that she never liked, Cassandra.

Are Chelsea Lazkani and Bre Tiesi Still Friends?

The truth is Chelsea and Bre eventually did decided to face the situation and address their concerns, but with the former asserting she wholehearted believed in what she said , the latter had trouble moving on. After all, Bre had already told her fellow cast members not to meddle in her love life back in season 6.  She’d said, “Who I have children with is my business. I don’t need a judge and a jury.” Even though Chelsea later mentioned that she’d simply gotten “triggered” by things she could not understand or agree with, the two just couldn’t put their differences aside out of professional courtesy.

Both Chelsea and Bre lead independent lives and are happy in their relationships. While Chelsea, a mother of two, is in a happy marriage with Jeff Lazkani, Bre has embraced motherhood and loves sharing the memories she makes with her little one. Yet, despite working at the same real estate agency, the two do not feature on each other’s social media accounts and rarely interact in public. Thus, considering how Chelsea refused to understand Bre’s point of view on the show, couldn’t deal with her hard shell personality, and was uneasy regarding her personal standing, we can assume that the two aren’t friends but merely maintain a polite acquaintanceship as of the time of writing.

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