Are Christine and Trey From Too Hot to Handle Together?

Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is a dating reality show that fans of the genre simply cannot miss. The various on-screen relationships that we have seen the rise of in this series have always been a huge source of entertainment. Needless to say, a possible relationship between Christine Obanor and Trey Rodgers in season 5 of the show has left fans curious if the two have become romantically involved and whether or not they are together. If you are wondering about the same and are eager to find out the answers, worry not because we have your back.

Christine and Trey’s Too Hot to Handle Journey

Christine was one of ten participants who were part of season 5 since Day 1 though she was initially under the assumption that she was taking part in a show called ‘Love Overboard.’ While still unaware of the sex ban that would be implemented by Lana, she set her sights on Louis Russell, though she had to compete against Megan Thompson and Hannah Brooke for her affection. Though Christine turned on her charm, she was highly disappointed that Louis decided to share a bed with Hannah.

Christine Obanor and Louis Russell

Christine continued to get more upset in the following days as Louis and Hannah grew closer. However, upon learning that they two had shared multiple kisses, she decided to give it her all by inviting him to meet with her on the beach. While there, the two shared a kiss, and Louis promised that he would soon sleep in the same bed as her. It was later revealed by Lana that Louis had kissed Hannah after kissing Christine. Initially upset by the development, the latter consented to share a bed with Louis after he broke things off with Hannah.

Just as Christine and Louis had started to develop their connection, Lena revealed that Trey, a new arrival to the show, wanted to take the former on a date during which none of the bans would apply. Excited but unsure, Christine prepared for her date and was quite impressed with Trey after meeting with him. The two had a good time together by the beach, and the lady in question was highly tempted to give in to her urges and kiss Trey. However, when she returned from her date, Christine revealed to Louis that she had not kissed Trey and wanted to explore what she had with her then-on-going partner.

Are Christine and Trey Together?

Given Christine’s decision to stay with Louis, it is certainly easy to say that she and Trey are not together. In fact, the interactions between the latter two seemed minimal after their date, indicating a possible shift in their inclinations toward pursuing each other. That being said, they’re a part of each other’s Instagram following list, suggesting an amicable connection. Louis has also been more than happy to hype up Trey, indicating a possible friendship between them. We do hope that all involved parties are able to fulfill their romantic dreams and find a person they connect with strongly.

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