Flávia and Robert: Is the Love is Blind Brazil Duo Still Together?

Admit it or not, watching dating reality series as two people fall in love is perhaps one of the most captivating pieces of entertainment. The added pressure of television and the strict conditions often set by the showmakers, combined with a genuine want to find a romantic partner, is far from easy for reality TV participants, and ‘Love is Blind: Brazil‘ is no different. However, the fans cannot help but cheer the cast members and hope they find who they are looking for. Such was the case for Flávia Queiroz and Robert Richard Teixeira, whose journey in the second iteration of the series helped them earn many admirers. Naturally, people are eager to know if the couple is still together, and we are excited to share what we know about the same!

Flávia and Robert’s Love is Blind Brazil Journey

For 27-year-old Flávia Queiroz, forming a genuine connection was perhaps one of the most crucial things. Meanwhile, Robert Richard Teixeira entered the show to restore his confidence in himself. Since the age of 18, he had been in a relationship that lasted until he was 28. However, the decade-long bond came to an end after his partner left him for another woman, which made Robert question himself and his emotions.

From their very first meeting, Flávia was interested in getting to know Robert better. The two bonded over the fact that they had been raised by single mothers and their admiration for them. Sharing such a crucial life experience made their bond stronger though they soon stumbled upon another roadblock. Flávia was afraid that while she had been open with Robert, he did not seem similarly interested in her. However, he explained that while he has always had trouble opening up to anyone, Flávia was the only one he had ever been interested in.

After some time, Flávia became sure of her feelings for Robert and decided to take the next step. Nearing the end of the blind date phase, she sent Robert a letter and necklace while on a date. Reading the letter aloud for her partner, Flávia poured her heart out and then decided to ask Robert to marry him. Moved by the gesture, Robert accepted the proposal. However, when the two met up, he was the one to go down on his knee and reiterate the crucial question.

As one of the engaged couples, Flávia and Robert were provided beautiful lodgings in the middle of the Amazon rainforest so that they could explore their physical and emotional connection. However, the two did not sleep with each other on their first together, unlike every other betrothed pair. Flávia explained that she did not want to rush anything, and Robert respected her wishes for the same. During a double date with Verônica Brito and William Domiêncio, they also opened up about their issues regarding communication.

Following this, Flávia and Robert established a physical connection that helped strengthen their bond. Once they entered the real world, they were excited to meet each other’s families but were also nervous about the same. Fortunately, both of their loved ones seemed to adore their partners and were happy about the pair. Slow but surely, the betrothed couple got to know each other better, with Robert discovering many new things about Flávia. However, their open channel of communication helped keep their bond strong.

Just before their scheduled wedding, Flávia and Robert attended a workshop to make their own wedding rings. The process filled them with much love and gave them a new perspective regarding their journey till that point. Soon, the time came for the world to see if their love was indeed blind. Both Flávia and Robert agreed to wed each other, much to the joy of their friends and family. The beautiful wedding had a happy ending many could not help but shed happy tears for.

Flávia and Robert Have Parted Ways

As of writing, Flávia and Robert are no longer married to each other. During the reunion episode of the show’s second season, the two revealed that they had broken up. The reason behind the split was Robert’s seemingly continued use of dating apps even after they had tied the knot. According to the reality TV groom, when he had deleted the applications earlier, he had only deleted them from his home screen instead of his phone. Sometime later, he got a message from these dating apps when Flávia was around, leading to a revelation that would pull them apart.

One of the conversations that Robert still had on his phone was apparently from three weeks before the incident. The person messaging Robert asked him, “How are you?” to which he replied, “Better Now.” There was another conversation with another person involving often-frequented bars. While Robert stated that he did not meet up with anyone and had not physically cheated, he knew that he had made a mistake. Flávia stated that she understood that people make mistakes, but it reminded her of her past relationship in which she had been cheated on. Apparently, upon discovering the dating apps on her husband’s phone, she started to blame herself before realizing that she was not at fault.

Both Flávia and Robert seem to be at least on civil terms, with the former having forgiven the latter. While Robert stated that he wants to win back Flavia and loves her very much, it does not seem like they will be getting back together any time soon. The two have been quite positive about their on-screen experience and admitted that it helped them grow as people and embark on a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

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