Are Fry and Leela Together in Futurama 2023?

Hulu’s ‘Futurama’ is an animated sitcom acting as a revival of the hit series that first debuted in 1999. Created by Matt Groening (‘The Simpsons‘), the series is known for its hilarious satirization of modern lifestyle, technology, and pop culture with a blend of science fiction and drama. The romantic relationship between protagonist Philip J. Fry and Leela has been a cornerstone of the show throughout its turbulent production tenure, which includes two cancellations and subsequent revivals. As a result, long-time fans of the series must be curious to learn about the couple’s fate in the new episodes. If you are wondering whether Fry and Leela are together in ‘Futurama,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between Fry and Leela?

Leela is the primary love interest of the series protagonist Philip J. Fry, and they work together for the Planet Express delivery service. Initially, Leela and Fry are co-workers, with Fry’s incompetence and sheer stupidity often creating obstacles and annoying Leela. However, with time Leela and Fry form a friendship that develops into admiration. Starting with the second season, Fry shows a romantic interest in Leela, but the latter turns him down because of his immaturity.

Throughout the show, Fry successfully attracts Leela, resulting in a romantic relationship between them. The sixth season episode, titled ‘Overclockwise,’ implies that Fry and Leela are meant to end up together. However, Bender reveals their ultimate fate, the exact nature of Fry and Leela’s relationship in the future is never shown to the viewers. The seventh season sees Fry and Leela starting a romantic relationship, and their personal issues often coincide with the episodic conflict. The original series finale, titled ‘Meanwhile,’ sees Fry proposing to Leela, and the couple gets married while the rest of the world is frozen in time because Fry meddles with Professor Farnsworth’s Time Button.

Are Fry and Leela Together?

At the end of the seventh season (or tenth) finale, Professor Farnsworth deduces a way to restore the time loop created by Fry. Meanwhile, Fry and Leela have spent years as a happily married couple. However, when Professor Farnsworth offers them the chance to return to the pre-time jump timeline, Fry and Leela accept. As a result, Fry and Leela’s marriage is erased from the timeline.


The 2023 episodes of ‘Futurama,’ which can be categorized as season 8 (or eleven), are set after Professor Farnsworth restores things back to normal and unfreezes the world from the time pause. Therefore, the new episodes raise a question mark over Fry and Leela’s relationship status. Fry and Leela’s romantic relationship is established way before the events of ‘Meanwhile,’ which sees them getting married. However, since resetting time impacts various events, it is understandable if Fry and Leela would end up separated. Nonetheless, that doesn’t appear to be the case, despite the lack of direct acknowledgment of their romantic relationship in the season 8 premiere, titled ‘The Impossible Stream.’

The episode sees Fry embarking on a quest to watch all television shows while Leela tries to support him. Amy Wong calls Leela supporting Fry as “Girlfriend Duty,” which seemingly confirms that Fry and Leela are still dating. While the eighth season does not explicitly confirm the same, the events hint that Fry and Leela are still in a committed relationship as before the events of ‘Meanwhile.’ Hence, only their marriage with each other seems to be erased from the timeline. In contrast, their love for each other persists, leading to interesting conflicts for the latest episodes to explore.

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