Are Gabriel and Camille Together in Emily in Paris Season 2?

Netflix’s romantic comedy-drama ‘Emily in Paris,’ created by Darren Star, focuses on the romantic and professional life of Emily Cooper (Lily Collins). Sent to Paris to work as a marketing executive at Savoir, the Chicago-based Emily encounters a series of troubles — from contemptuous coworkers to linguistic faux pas — before finding her footing in the City of Love.

Soon, Emily develops a crush on her handsome neighbor, the chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). Later, Emily becomes friends with Camille (Camille Razat), who starts off as a kind stranger but soon turns into her first French friend. Thus, Emily is quite shocked when she finds out that her new friend is her crush’s girlfriend.

Towards the end of season 1, though, Camille and Gabriel seemingly break up. Before shifting to Normandy, Gabriel spends the night with Emily. However, things become complicated in the morning when Emily finds out that Gabriel is staying in Paris after all. In season 2, we see Camille contacting Emily to talk about Gabriel. As the show progresses, things become increasingly messy between the once-happy French duo. So, do Gabriel and Camille end up together? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Are Gabriel and Camille Together?

In season 1, we realize that Camille and Gabriel kind of break up, after five years of dating, because the latter refuses to take the financial help of the former’s parents and instead takes the drastic and sudden decision to move to his hometown of Normandy to open his own restaurant. Additionally, Gabriel’s crush on Emily seems to contribute to the couple’s separation as well; however, Camille initially isn’t aware of this. Additionally, it’s important to note that although Gabriel thinks they are broken up, he doesn’t exactly tell Camille this. Thus, Camille ends up thinking that they are simply having a really bad lovers’ argument.

In season 2, Gabriel opens Chez Lavaux with the investment provided by Antoine Lambert, who uses Savoir’s services for its marketing; thus, Gabriel is always around Emily’s residence and/or office. He also obviously still likes Emily because he bluntly says, “I can’t believe the girl I stayed in Paris for doesn’t want to be with me.” On the other hand, Gabriel is guilty about hurting Camille even as he is saddened by Emily’s decision to avoid a romance with him.

At the beginning of the season, we see Camille being understandably confused about why Gabriel does not tell her about his decision to stay back in Paris. She confides in Emily, not knowing what transpired between her friend and her ex-boyfriend the night before he was supposed to leave. She even tries to have rebound sex in St. Tropez with Romain but is unable to do so because she still loves Gabriel.

In episode 3, during Emily’s birthday dinner, Camille finds Gabriel’s omelet pan in her American friend’s kitchen. Immediately, she — who till now had been worrying about how distant Gabriel had become — realizes the truth. Gabriel, in the past, had refused to give his special pan to anyone. Lounging on Emily’s gas stove, the pan shows Camille that Emily means much more to him than she does.

After returning to the rest of the group, Camille proposes a toast to Emily and accuses her of pretending to be her friend whilst sleeping with her boyfriend. She then leaves the party; Emily stops her and tries to salvage the situation. However, when Camille asks her whether she slept with Gabriel, Emily is unable to tell her the truth. Sadly, her silence makes the answer quite obvious.

Afterward, for some time, there is some obvious animosity between Camille, Gabriel, and Emily. Gabriel tries to talk to Camille at the art gallery; he tells her that he loves her and is hurting just like her. However, he also tries to shield Emily and says “We all love each other….” This understandably angers Camille, who retorts, “So a ménage à trois is your solution to all our problems?” Later, she even tells her parents that they are broken up. However, her mother, Louise, seemingly suggests a way to get Gabriel back.

Soon, things settle down a bit. Camille tells Emily that she knows that what happened between her and Gabriel was an in-the-heat-of-the-moment encounter; she makes peace with Gabriel too, separately. However, she does make Emily agree to a pact that states that neither of them can ever date Gabriel — this seems to be Louise’s idea.

The three of them then go to Camille’s château in Champagne; Gabriel and Camille reminisce about their past whilst Emily deals with the marketing disaster of Champére. Again, it’s obvious that Louise begged Gabriel to come to the château (only Emily and Camille went first) so that he can spend time with her daughter. Meanwhile, Camille is unaware that Emily and Gabriel kissed just a few days ago. Eventually, after Alfie enters Emily’s life, Camille becomes quite relaxed as she stops seeing Emily as a threat.

In the season finale, Emily goes to confess her feelings to Gabriel. However, she is stopped short by the presence of Camille, who is unpacking her luggage. Seeing Emily at the door, Camille — who didn’t hear Emily’s heartfelt outburst due to her earphones — approaches her friend and excitedly tells her that she has moved in with Gabriel, as per his request. Thus, Gabriel and Camille are back together.

However, things are not as easy as they seem. Gabriel is clearly in love with Emily and now knows that she loves him too. Meanwhile, Camille believes that her old relationship has been rekindled and that her friend is happy with Alfie and thus uninterested in Gabriel. So, even though Camille and Gabriel are together at the end of season 2, it is unlikely that they will stay that way. The presence of Emily as well as their past issues (such as Gabriel’s refusal to take a loan from Camille’s family) will likely drive a wedge in their freshly re-established romance.

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