Are Georgia and Steven From Too Hot to Handle Still Friends?

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ can only be described as a steamy reality dating series that straddles sexuality and naughtiness at every step of the way. After all, although it follows a set of flirty singles as they attempt to build emotional connections without physical intimacy, the results are not always as expected. Casual hookups, the fear of commitment, and personal icks are just some of the things that often get in the way, as evidenced by season 3’s Georgia and Stevan. But now, if you wish to know more about this duo’s involvement, as well as their current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Georgia and Stevan’s Too Hot to Handle Journey

Since Georgia Hassarati had already made it clear that she was into “bad boys” who looked like they had an edge, it came as no surprise when she drifted towards Stevan Ditter (and his heavily tattooed body) on day one itself. The fact that he was the first to pull her aside and admit his interest was what had pushed them closer, which seemingly didn’t waver even when Patrick Mullen or Harry Johnson came into the picture for her. In fact, Georgia not only shared a bed with Stevan but also welcomed his advances, eventually leading to a lip lock that cost the entire group a total of $6,000.

However, that kiss changed their entire trajectory when Stevan defended it by telling his fellow castmates that he made the move to show Georgia he was invested — something she didn’t like. Exclusivity, open affection, and emotional attachment weren’t for her, so she started pulling away until Stevan directly asked her what was going on. That’s when she beat around the bush for a while before admitting that she wanted them to explore other options as well. He was a bit taken aback, but he soon moved on to Olga, whereas Georgia went to Gerrie, only for both of these bonds to end as well.

Are Georgia and Stevan Still Friends?

After their relationship ceased, there was ostensibly a brief period where things between Georgia and Stevan were uneasy, yet they soon got back into the groove and actually managed to grow closer than before. Without any expectations or concerns, they became more comfortable around each other, driving them to look at the person beyond their appearances and understand who they are. Thus, when Georgia realized that she had technically strung Stevan along, she apologized from the bottom of her heart, which he accepted with open arms.

In short, they developed a friendship that seemingly, indirectly, pushed them to evolve into better individuals. “I am grateful that, after how I treated things, you still let me in, and you looked past that,” Georgia had further said, to which Stevan responded, “You’re too funny not to let in, okay? You run around this house like a meerkat, okay?” And from what we can tell, despite the geographical distance between them, this positive and teasing link between them continues to exist even today.

The prime example of that is on one of the Los Angeles-based model/DJ’s recent Instagram posts, which — apparently annoyed with having his name being misreported — he’d captioned, “can’t throw shade on my name when you used to moan it.” After all, the Australian influencer’s comment on the same simply reads, “You are one of a kind Steve ❤️” — purposefully getting his name wrong.

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