Are Giannina and Damian From Love is Blind Still Together?

Hosted by real-life couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey, ‘Love is Blind‘ is a reality TV series on Netflix with a unique concept. It follows 30 singles who aim to find love as they interact with each other in their individual “pods” separated by a wall. Over ten days, they form connections purely based on conversation and propose to the person of their choice. If they agree, the couple gets engaged and meets each other in person for the first time. After finding out more about each other’s lifestyles and families, the couples then decide whether to get married or split up.

Revolving around the idea of love being beyond physical attraction, the show has given the viewers several interesting pairs with unique journeys. One of them is Giannina Gibelli AKA Gigi and Damian Powers, who were a part of season 1. Their tumultuous equation kept everyone hooked till the very end, and thus fans are curious to know how they are doing presently. So, let’s find out more about them.

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers’ Love is Blind Journey

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers first met each other while filming ‘Love is Blind’ season 1 in 2018. At the time of filming, she was running a small hair product business in Atlanta while Damian had been working as a general manager for an industrial supplies company, as per sources. The couple bonded well since their very first conversation, and fans enjoyed their flirty banter and meaningful talks. Within a few interactions, they were both sure of their feelings for each other and decided to take their relationship to the next level.

As opposed to the other couples where the guy proposed, Gigi decided to take charge and popped the question to an emotional Damian, who said yes. They were among the first six couples of season 1 to get engaged but hit a slightly rough patch on their way to the season finale. In episode 7, Gigi accused Damian of not taking the initiative to build physical intimacy. He responded that he felt overwhelmed by the dynamics of their relationship. “You put me on an emotional roller coaster, that’s why I don’t initiate it… I don’t know when you’re up or down,” he said.

Moreover, Damian tried several times to calm Gigi down whenever she felt anxious about the wedding. Despite the friction, they managed to sail through their hurdles towards the finale, but in a dramatic moment during the episode, he refused to marry her at the last minute. He cited her inconsistent behavior and erratic emotions to be the reason, causing a shocked Gigi to tearfully exit the venue. However, she returned to complete the conversation, and Damian stated that he still loved her and wanted to continue their relationship. But did that mean the end of the couple’s journey, or have they managed to work things out?

Are Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers Still Together?

No, unfortunately, Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers are not together anymore. After the season 1 finale, viewers assumed that the couple had called it quits. But much to their surprise, on the reunion episode in March 2020, they confessed that they were still together. They shared that they had broken up for a few hours when the finale was filmed but reconciled shortly after and decided to give their love another chance.

But things went a little awry for Gigi and Damian when he was spotted hanging out with ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ cast member Francesca Farago in August 2020. Despite fan speculations about Damian being romantically involved with Francesca, he and Gigi both clarified that she was just a friend and that they were still together. Nonetheless, rumors started floating around again when Francesca accompanied Damian as a date to the ‘Love is Blind: After the Altar‘ reunion special that aired in July 2021.

Following that, in an August 2021 interview, Gigi revealed that she and Damian had parted ways not long after the said special was filmed in November 2020. She even admitted to feeling a little blindsided because she did not expect Francesca at the reunion special. However, Gigi and Damian tried communicating after the party but eventually decided to get separated. She said, “It was a lot to process and it was a very long breakup… it was just like that trust wasn’t really there [anymore].”

In the same August 2021 interview, Gigi stated that she was officially single and did not regret anything about her relationship with Damian. She shared that she was ready to move on and said, “I’m definitely ready to date. I wasn’t at first, at all, it was very scary. Just because everything’s so public…like do they think I’m hurt, damaged?”

Since the breakup, both Gigi and Damian have been doing extremely well professionally as influencers, but it is unclear whether they are currently dating anyone else. Though fans are sad that their favorite pair are not together anymore, they are happy to see them grow as successful individuals.

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