Hunter and Meghan: Is the Farmer Wants a Wife Duo Still Dating?

Image Credit: Hunter Grayson/Instagram

With an intention to find the one, four farmers decide to embark on a journey on Fox’s ‘Farmer Wants a Wife.’ The reality show features four farmers and 32 women undergoing a number of challenges to meet their match. Set in the scenic quietude of the countryside, ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ features prospects establishing connections, going on dates, and finding the right one. Among the pairings, Hunter and Meghan managed to enrapture everyone with their instant spark and chemistry. Naturally, fans want to learn if they’re still together. Luckily, we’ve got all the information about the matter; let’s dive in!

Hunter and Meghan’s Farmer Wants a Wife Journey

Brought up on a cattle ranch herself, Meghan Baker is an alum of the University of Tennessee. At 23, the Texas-based creative marketing director decided to head to the show in search of a farmer. Meghan’s ideal man was realized in the form of Hunter Grayson, the 31-year-old farmer from Watkinsville, Georgia. Hunter doesn’t just like to surround himself with animals and tend to his farm but also sing. With numerous accolades, the Georgia-based farmer came to the show to find the right one.

Barring Meghan’s initial time to warm up to Hunter, the couple was one of the only pairs on the show whose instant connection lasted throughout the season. However, even though Meghan’s shy nature took a while to open up to farmer Hunter, their chemistry had been palpable. Even so, their journey wasn’t without its travails. At the peak of their courtship, Meghan had received a piece of horrible news that catapulted their connection into the travesty of the circumstances. Meghan received news of her grandfather’s passing and had to ultimately leave the show midway.

While many thought that would be the end of Meghan’s journey in the show, the Texas-based woman decided to return for the final episode. From there on, Hunter was left with a major decision to make. In the finale, Hunter had to make a choice between Sydney and Meghan. However, for the smitten farmer, the choice had been elementary. And so, ever since Hunter and Meghan walked away from the show hand in hand, fans have been wondering if their romance has continued outside the show or fizzled out. Let’s find out.

Hunter and Meghan Are Still Going Strong

Yes, Hunter and Meghan are still together. After the show ended, Hunter Grayson and Meghan Baker spent the majority of their time together in order to establish a deeper connection. Even though the couple does not live together on Hunter’s farm right now, they have still made grand changes to make their relationship flourish even more.

Meghan has now moved to Tennessee to be closer to Hunter. With Meghan’s family based in Tennessee and Hunter’s farm within a five-hour drive, the couple now drives to each other regularly and are taking things according to their pace. After the show concluded, Meghan talked about Hunter’s display of concern the day she received news about her grandfather’s death in an interview with Fox4. The reality star stated that even when she was hesitant in the beginning, Hunter’s concern for her well-being gave her immediate clarity and sealed the deal for her.

In the few months between the show’s airing and the conclusion of filming in November, Hunter and Meghan had done just about everything together. Not only did Meghan stay with Hunter for Thanksgiving last year, but the two even spent some time together around Christmas. The reality TV stars had also visited each other’s houses and even went on a cruise in January.

However, once the show was out in the open, the two had to curtail their movements to retain the suspense. It was only after the show concluded and Hunter and Meghan’s relationship became known to the world that they returned to being a normal couple. Meghan and Hunter also attended the finale watch party with the rest of the finalists at the Westgate River Ranch, Resort, and Rodeo in Florida.

While the two did not get engaged on the show, fans are still waiting to hear the wedding bells. Even though the couple hasn’t made their plans to wed public or announced anything in that direction, many are still awaiting the happy news for the two. Naturally, we hope that Meghan and Hunter continue to achieve their goals as they embark on their new journey.

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