Isaac and Louis: Is the Too Hot to Handle Duo Still Friends?

If you are someone who enjoys dating reality shows, then Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is quite a unique and entertaining series we are sure you are a fan of. After all, its unique concept and entertaining cast never fail to keep the viewers engaged from the start to the end. While the social experiment is primarily heard towards fostering romantic connections, it is not unknown for some people to find genuine friends through the process. The same holds true for Isaac Francis and Louis Russell, who bonded over quite unconventional matters but did grow closer in season 5. Naturally, people are curious if this bromance is still intact, and we are here to explore the same.

Isaac and Louis’ Too Hot to Handle Journey

The first time viewers saw Isaac and Louis connecting was certainly not something people had expected. During the initial phase of season 5, Isaac was exploring his connection with Courtney Randolph, while Louis was partnered with Hannah Brooke. However, the recently implemented sex ban by Lana weighed heavily on both men. That being said, Louis seemed fine with the idea of losing the money, but Hannah was hesitant about incurring the wrath of other housemates.

In order to solve both his and his partner’s dilemma, Louis decided to talk to Isaac and hatch a plan. According to the pact the two men created, they agreed to kiss their bed partners at the same time so as to share the blame if their rulebreaking was ever found out. This allowed the two couples to enjoy two kisses each. However, this “devious” plan certainly did not sit well with Lana, who not only exposed their plan but also doubled the fines.

While the pact that Isaac and Louyis had participated in earned them much anger and disbelief from other cast members, the two men grew closer through the experience. In fact, when Louis ended up kissing both Christine Obanor and Hannah on the same night, Isaac was the only one he shared the story with before the secret was revealed by Lana. While trying to find their romantic partners, the two relied heavily on each other and were always happy to offer suggestions when needed.

Isaac and Louis’s Friendship is Still Going Strong

It does seem like the on-screen friendship between Isaac Francis and Louis Russell translated to off-screen and has remained strong as of writing. Not only do the two personalities follow each other on social media but they can also be seen hyping each other up in the comment sections of their social media (as seen in the aforementioned picture). The connection that the reality TV stars formed may have started through a highly unconventional pact, but it did seem to have led them to become good friends with each other.

Presently, Louis seems to be thriving in his career as a Fashion Model and is affiliated with Forte Model Management. His time in the fifth installment of the Netflix production has also earned him many fans, and he has over 62K followers on Instagram as of writing. Though born in Manchester, England, Isaac presently lives in New Jersey and also works as a model. He is partnered with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency and enjoys a fan following of over 25K on the same photo and video sharing social networking platform. Apart from nurturing their friendship, we sure hope the two also reach new heights in their professional journey.

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