Jade and Thiago From Written in the Stars: Are They Still in a Relationship?

Hosted by Ingrid Guimarães, Amazon Prime’s ‘Written in the Stars,’ AKA ‘Match nas Estrelas,’ is a Brazilian reality show that combines astrology and romance in a unique way in order to provide the participants a chance to possibly find a match mandated by the heavens. For Capricorn Jade Montaner, her search seemingly came to an end with Thiago Augusto, one of her possible suitors who easily won her heart. Naturally, people are eager to know if the two are still together, and we are here to explore the same!

Jade and Thiago’s Written in the Stars Journey

When Jade Montaner, who is often referred to as “Little Anitta” by her friends, appeared in the Amazon Prime show, she ensured that no one could possibly forget her. Her pride in her identity as a transgender woman and a person who likes to live life to the fullest made her even more eager to see what the stars had in store for her. As such, her meeting with Leo Thiago Augusto went quite smoothly, as they first started to talk about their mutual love for going out.

Jade and Thiago even opened up about their pet peeves, with the former confessing her dislike for clowns or general characters that use face paint. At one point, Thiago quipped that he and Jade were opposites as he was slow while she was fast, which the lady in question thought would help them balance each other out. After they had some refreshments, the pair took to the stage in order to sing some songs, with them eventually sharing a passionate kiss.

After her four dates, Jade was asked to eliminate the first one out of her four suitors. She ended up choosing Jose Silvio, feeling that they did not have much in common. The stars ruled that Kelvin Castilho would also have to leave as he was the least astrologically compatible candidate out of the Top 3. It was then revealed that Thiago was a 74% match for Jade, while Kaique Theodoro’s compatibility with the dating show participant was an impressive 87%. However, likely due to her dislike for Taureses and evident affection for Thiago, Jade ignored the stars and chose Thiago as her final pick.

 Jade and Thiago Are Keeping Their Dating Life Under Wraps

As of writing, Jade Montaner and Thiago Augusto have not shared any updates regarding their relationship. The two reality TV stars seemingly prefer to keep the details of their personal lives private, with Thiago even having a completely private profile on Instagram. As for Jade, the Amazon Prime show cast member does seem to be living a happy and healthy life. That said, the fact that she and Thiago seemingly continue to follow each other on social media indicates that even if they are not still together, their bond remains a healthy one. We wish them both the best in life and sincerely hope that they have a wonderful future ahead.

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