Robert and Caroline From Written in the Stars: Are They Still in Love?

Amazon Prime’s ‘Written in the Stars,’ AKA ‘Match nas Estrelas,’ is a Brazilian dating show hosted by Ingrid Guimarães. The reality series combines the concept of astrology and the perils of everyday love life to provide participants with multiple suitors, out of whom they can only choose one. In season 1, we are introduced to Robert Simoni of Cancer Sign, who ends up partnering with Caroline Carvalho. But has their relationship continued to thrive even off the cameras?

Robert and Caroline’s Written in the Stars Journey

Looking forward to meeting his possible future partner, Robert Simoni certainly enjoyed his on-screen time with Caroline Carvalho. Though the age difference between the two is over a decade long, the fact that they are both Cancers helped them create a strong basis for a connection. They also bonded over their love for their home city, São Paulo, Brazil, as they continued to get to know each other, trying to understand each other’s vices and virtues.

It did seem like Robert and Caroline became more open to new experiences as they promised to try new activities for each other’s sake. While Caroline admitted to not being great at sports, Robert shared similar sentiments about dancing. The pair ended up enjoying a nice game of volleyball while being part of the same team, which was followed by a heart-touching moment where both confessed to feeling happy but nervous in each other’s company before sharing their first kiss in order to celebrate the occasion.

After his four dates, it was time for Robert to make his final choice. He first eliminated Rafael Fontenele, whom he admitted to not feeling that strong of a connection with. Following the synastry readings by astrologist Papisa, the stars eliminated Ana Thome/Ana Luiza, which surprised Robert, as he had enjoyed her company. It was then revealed to him that his top two connections were still in the game. The reality TV star’s compatibility with Caroline was an impressive 81%, though he and Jean Woolmay were astrologically a 92% match. Ultimately, Robert chose not to listen to the stars and instead followed his heart by choosing Caroline as his final pick.

Robert and Caroline Are Likely Not Together

As of writing, Robert Simoni and Caroline Carvalho have not shared any updates regarding the continuation of their relationship. The two do not feature on each other’s social media posts, indicating a possibility that they might not be involved romantically. While there does seem to be a possibility that Robert was dating another woman sometime in October 2022, the reality TV star has not shared any public information about the same.

Meanwhile, Caroline does not seem to be involved in any form of relationship, though it is possible that she simply prefers to keep the details of her personal life private. Nevertheless, she and Robert continue to follow each other on Instagram, suggesting at least an amicable understanding between them. The fact that both of them have been more than happy to promote the AMazion Prime show might mean that their recollection of the on-screen events is still a source of happiness for them. No matter the case, we wish them both the best from the bottom of our hearts and hope that they have wonderful futures ahead.

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