Are Jess and Kyle From Lovestruck High Still Together?

Following in the footsteps of popular high school romantic comedies, ‘Lovestruck High’ is a dating reality show that takes a group of singles from the United Kingdom and transports them to an American high school setting. While the “students” get an authentic high-school experience complete with homeroom classes, extracurriculars, and PE, their primary assignment is to find a partner in time for the prom. With a significant amount of prize money on the line, not everyone will get to attend the final event, as stepping out of line will undoubtedly result in expulsion.

Although Jess Doolan came to the show hoping to find a compatible partner, she was left disappointed as no one matched up to her standards. However, Kyle Coleman’s arrival seemed to change Jess’ luck as he chose her as one of the contestants to meet at Camp Crush. Let’s explore their relationship and find out if Kyle and Jess are still together.

Jess and Kyle’s Lovestruck High Journey

Being the first and only female bisexual contestant on ‘Lovestruck High,’ Jess was really excited about finding a significant other through the reality show. But the initial days turned out to be a huge disappointment as Jess did not click with anyone romantically. Although sparks did fly here and there, she realized that no one would be able to provide her with the kind of dedication and commitment she was looking for.

Jess did go to the homecoming dance with Charlie, but their connection did not seem to work out. However, Jess was happy being just friends with most of her fellow cast members. Interestingly, things began to look up when the new “student,” Kyle, chose Theo and Jess as his dates to Camp Crush. Although Theo found Kyle to be quite interesting, he realized that Jess was completely smitten with the newcomer. Thus, he decided not to get involved.

While at the camp, Jess and Kyle got to spend a lot of alone time, which brought them closer. They realized they had several mutual interests, while their sexuality was also a common point of connection. Besides, with zero competition from other contestants, Kyle and Jess were free to explore themselves at their own pace, which gave their relationship a strong foundation. Once back at school, they went on a heartwarming date at the diner, accompanied each other to the Valentine’s Day dance, and even performed in the talent show together. So, did the pair continue their relationship off-screen?

Are Jess and Kyle Still Together?

Ever since filming wrapped, Jess and Kyle have chosen to keep their relationship status under wraps. While on the show, they did not shy away from expressing their love and even shared an adorable kiss on their date. Even though they currently follow each other on social media, they haven’t interacted much in the public sphere.

By the looks of it, both Jess and Kyle returned to their respective lives after filming and are enjoying their time away from the cameras. Regardless, the couple did have an incredible connection on the show. Therefore, seeing how there is no indication of a possible breakup, we would like to believe that they have managed to keep their relationship alive.

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