Are Jessica And Rob From Below Deck Med Still Together?

If you have ever wondered what goes behind running a successful tour on a superyacht, Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ can tell you how. The reality television series follows the work and lives of the talented crew aboard 150-foot-plus superyachts through different charter seasons. Apart from the professional drama that transpires on deck, the show also gained popularity for the interpersonal relationships and saucy drama among the crew members. Jessica More and Robert Westergaard AKA Rob appeared in season 5 and kept the audience hooked to their fast-paced and volatile relationship.

It was both Rob and Jessica’s debut season on the show, and though their work positions on the deck allowed the least interaction, the two became instantly close regardless. Their dramatic antics kept everyone anticipating the status of their relationship throughout the season and also after the season ended. Since the cameras stopped rolling on them, viewers are left wondering what happened to the couple. Are they still together or not?

Jessica and Rob’s Below Deck Mediterranean Journey

Hailing from Florida, Jessica More had a diverse repertoire of jobs before she decided to join as a first-time stewardess on The Wellington in season 5 of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean.’ On the other hand, South African native Robert Westergaard had prior experience in modeling and the yachting industry before he joined the show as a deckhand in the same season as Jessica. The pair met for the first time aboard The Wellington, and sparks immediately flew between the two.

Jessica fell hard and quick for Rob, especially after he quickly professed his love for her on the show. In episode 10, viewers see Rob telling Jessica how she made him feel seen for the first time since his mother’s demise. Thus, the deckhand blurted out his feelings for Jessica. However, troubles started brewing for the couple when their overt physical intimacy began affecting their jobs and Jessica’s insecurities, as well as Rob’s inconsistency, began causing constant fights between them.

Apparently, Rob was casually seeing his ex-girlfriend back home and was even texting her on board. Naturally, this caused Jessica to doubt his feelings for her. He also apparently flirted with crew member Aesha Scott and a charter guest as well. After an on-off relationship throughout the season, the finale saw Rob initially deciding to ditch the couple’s plans for a Bali trip to continue with another job posting instead. Eventually, he made up with Jessica, and the couple did take off for Bali as season 5 ended. But did they survive the turbulence of their showmance or end up getting wrecked?

Are Jessica and Rob Still Together?

Unfortunately, Jessica More and Robert Westergaard are no longer together. After vacationing in Bali following the conclusion of the season, love fizzled out between the pair, and they decided to go their separate ways. They had a great time in Bali, and the couple even posted individual pictures from the trip online. After being in a serious relationship for about six months, things didn’t end on a good note for the two, even though they had hoped on forever.

On an episode of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 After Show,’ Jessica stated, “It didn’t end on the best note, and we’re still not in the best place. It just keeps seeming to build, my disappointment for somebody that I really, truly cared about and loved and thought that I was gonna marry and spend the rest of my life with. So, to go from that to just continually finding out things new every single day is something that’s really hard for me and disappointing.” Rob felt that the two pushed each other away and used each other’s vulnerabilities against the other to destroy what they had.

Rob also stated that he still loved and cared for Jessica and took ownership of his actions in his appearance on the show. Post the breakup, Jessica has constantly been updating fans with pictures of her travel adventures as she continues making a mark in the yachting industry in Florida. In January 2021, she shared a sweet birthday post for fellow season 5 castmate Alex Radcliffe. Jessica also keeps posting inspirational quotes for her fans. In May 2021, she opened up about battling mental health issues.

On the other hand, Rob has also continued his yacht crew career, but in the engineering department. “I’m in the engineering department of a vessel called Jamaica Bay. Big 60-meter vessel. The yard period, there’s a lot going on, so I’m pretty occupied right now, so I’m happy,” he told Bravo TV. In August 2021, Rob also posted a picture with his new girlfriend, Dani Riopel, indicating that he has currently moved on to a happy relationship.

Rob and Jessica entertained fans with their romance on the show, but their trust issues and constant conflicts put a quick end to their togetherness. However, as of the present, both are happy and in healing places in their lives. We wish both Rob and Jessica good luck for a better future.

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