Landon and Ashley: Is the Farmer Wants a Wife Duo Still Together?

Image Credits: Ashley Larea/ Twitter

Following a quest to find the one, FOX’s reality television show, ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ is the spin-off of the eponymous British series. The reality television show features four farmers and 32 women against the picturesque backdrop of flanking green in the countryside. As the men and women connect and go on dates to find the right match, drama naturally follows.

From a few discontented contestants to farmers torn between different choices, the show focuses on numerous ups and downs that ultimately lead four bachelors to the love of their life. Among the contestants, two people who managed to leave a mark are Landon Heaton and Ashley Larea. Even though the couple walked away with each other, fans still wonder if their relationship has survived outside the show. Luckily, we’ve got all the information you are looking for!

Landon and Ashley’s Farmer Wants a Wife Journey

A native of Alva, Oklahoma, Landon Heaton is 35 and came to ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ with an explicit interest in finding a woman to cherish for the rest of his life. The owner of a 300-acre cattle ranch and a 40-acre farmhouse, he didn’t swiftly establish the connection he thought he would. Hailing from Dallas, Ashley Larea is 27 and works as an Executive Coordinator. Upon her entry into the show, she had her eyes set on Landon, and despite them feeling an instant connection, he was also drawn to Ashley Rader.

Even when Landon was about to head to Ashley’s hometown in Dallas, a piece of devastating news struck him with grief. With the untimely passing of his father, his journey to Ashley’s hometown was entirely overshadowed by his hurt and pain. Even so, the cattle rancher persevered and continued to get to know Ashley better. While their relationship slowly progressed, he still felt torn between her and Ashley Rader. Even in the finale episode, Landon would have almost walked away from the show without a partner because he felt conflicted and could not choose the woman of his dreams.

Moreover, with the concerns displayed by Ashley Larea’s mother about her grandchildren being raised on a farm, the situation remained tense. After much deliberation, Landon finally settled on her, and the two walked away from the show happily. However, since they departed from the show, the two have shed little light on their relationship and remained seemingly quiet, leading many to speculate about their breakup.

Landon and Ashley Are Still in a Relationship

We are happy to report that Landon and Ashley are still going strong. Despite the travails that plagued their relationship over the show, they overcame them all. While the two have not decided to immediately fast-forward their relationship to marriage and engagement, they remain together and are actively involved in each other’s lives. Despite Landon and Ashley being largely secretive about their relationship, they went all out at the watch party of the ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ finale.

Landon and Ashley were invited to attend the watch party for the season finale, along with the other finalists. As such, the couple and their castmates have recently spent time at the Westgate River Ranch, Resort, and Rodeo in Florida. Here, the couple interacted and met many of their fans as well. So, even though Ashely and Landon had to overcome numerous obstacles to establish a deep connection, the two are still together.

In a post made on Twitter, Ashley posted a candid picture with Landon that her sister-in-law clicked. This shows that the couple isn’t just close but shares a deep bond with each other’s families. Naturally, we expect to hear wedding bells soon. Even though the couple hasn’t made their proposal public and announced any plans for marriage, fans are led to wonder that their wedding isn’t too far away. While Ashley and Landon like to keep their privacy at the moment on several matters, we continue to hope that the two achieve strides in their personal and professional endeavors!

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