Are Laura Marano and Mena Massoud Dating in Real Life?

Actress Laura Marano is best known for playing Ally in the Disney Channel TV series ‘Austin and Ally,’ as well as for the movie ‘The Perfect Date.’ Laura plays Isabella AKA Izzy in ‘The Royal Treatment,’ a dreamy romantic drama movie on Netflix. Izzy is a cheerful and talented hairdresser from New York who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She wants to travel the world and help the underprivileged but is held back due to financial constraints and family responsibilities. However, her life changes when she meets and falls in love with Prince Thomas.

Aladdin‘ fame actor Mena Massoud plays Izzy’s love interest Thomas, who is the Prince of Lavania. Thomas is charming and soft-spoken and wishes to break free from the constraints and obligations of royalty. Like Izzy, he too wants to help people and aims for the welfare of his kingdom. Thomas is unwillingly engaged to Lauren, but when he falls for Izzy’s honest and kind nature, he gets the courage to stand for his love and beliefs. Laura and Mena convincingly portray Izzy and Thomas, and their adorable chemistry makes fans wonder whether they are dating in real life. Here’s everything we know so far.

Are Laura Marano and Mena Massoud Dating?

No, Laura Marano and Mena Massoud are not dating; the two are merely great friends and co-actors. Laura and Mena met while filming ‘The Royal Treatment’ together in February 2021 and hit it off with each other. They often posted goofy BTS pictures from the sets together, thus indicating that they had a fun time while filming.

Apart from acting, Laura is also an accomplished singer who released her debut single ‘Boombox’ in 2016. Though she is very active on social media, she is relatively private about her personal life. Laura is currently not dating anyone, but she was previously in a relationship with musician Thom Macken. The couple even spent time together during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, and the actress shared a sneak peek into their daily routine with Billboard on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Laura and Thom parted ways soon after, but Laura featured him on the remix version of her song ‘Run’ in 2021. In the podcast ‘The Chart Show with Brooke Reese’ in July 2021, Laura shared about working with him on her EP ‘You!’ while they were still dating, and how she found it a little hard to listen to the song presently as they had a very special relationship.

Laura further added, “’Run’ was a song I wrote particularly for him. The original song is just kind of written by me and so really back again in October, a little bit earlier when I knew I wanted to explore this, I really wanted him to be on the song with me… And I’m still really, as bittersweet as it is because we’re not dating anymore, I still am really happy that he’s on the song with me because he’s still someone that I really care about.”

On the other hand, Mena Massoud doesn’t speak much about his private life either. However, he has been in a happy long-term relationship with his girlfriend Emily Shah. Emily is an Indian American actress who has worked in movies like ‘Jungle Cry’ and ‘Fortune Defies Death.’ She was also crowned Miss New Jersey USA in 2014. Emily frequently posts adorable pictures of her and Mena on Instagram.

Mena and Emily travel together frequently and have been on several trips to places like Egypt, Greece, and India. Mena also gets along well with Emily’s family, and the couple recently attended the grand Diwali party hosted by TV host and comedian Lilly Singh in November 2021. Thus, even though Laura Marano and Mena Massoud are not a real-life couple, their on-screen characters Izzy and Thomas have a fairytale-like love story and the actors have brought it to life with their skilled performances.

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