Are Lily James and Stan Sebastian Dating or Are They Just Friends?

Adapted from Amanda Chicago Lewis’ 2014 Rolling Stone piece titled ‘Pam and Tommy: The Untold Story of the World’s Most Infamous Sex Tape,’ the drama miniseries ‘Pam and Tommy‘ delves deep into the sex tape scandal involving actress Pamela Anderson and musician Tommy Lee that rocked Hollywood in the mid-1990s. It aims to provide an authentic and no-holds-barred window into the saga that originated when Rand Gauthier stole a safe containing the infamous sex tape from the pair’s house.

Lily James and Stan Sebastian appear as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in the Hulu original. The incredible on-screen chemistry of the co-stars gave rise to speculations of them being together. Well, if you are curious to know whether Lily and Stan are dating, we have you covered!

Are Lily James and Stan Sebastian Dating?

With numerous actors and actresses falling in love while working together, we cannot blame fans for speculating a romance between Lily James and Stan Sebastian. Besides, they have gotten very close over the course of filming and were even spotted posting numerous adorable pictures together on social media. Additionally, the two also appear incredibly comfortable in each other’s company, and their on-screen chemistry, as well as compatibility, is quite undeniable. However, we regret to inform you that the speculative romance is purely a myth as Lily and Stan are nothing but good friends.

Although Lily and Stan haven’t worked opposite each other in significant roles before ‘Pam and Tommy,’ they developed an incredible bond during filming and are now quite close friends. Besides, their compatibility was a huge plus point for the show as it helped create an authentic recreation of the whirlwind romance that Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee indulged in. Moreover, if one pays close attention, most of their photos on social media are not of the romantic kind but rather show the two actors having fun or promoting their show.

Fans might also be interested to know that although Lily and Stan engage in an on-screen romance on ‘Pam and Tommy,’ they are in happy relationships with their respective partners in real life. Lily is confirmed to be dating 36-year-old musician Michael Shuman, and reports state that the couple has even met each other’s parents. Although they are pretty private about their dating life, there is nothing to suggest a break-up and the couple appears to be going strong.

On the other hand, Stan Sebastian is reportedly seeing Spanish actress Alejandra Onieva, and the couple has been spotted together quite a few times in public. However, much like his co-star, Stan, too, opts to keep his personal life away from the public sphere and rarely posts pictures with his significant other. Still, with both Lily James and Stan Sebastian confirmed to be dating other people, it can be safely said that they are not together.

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