Are Love in the Villa’s Julie and Charlie Dating in Real Life?

Image Credit: Riccardo Ghilardi/Netflix

Set in the Italian city of Verona, Netflix’s romantic film ‘Love in the Villa’ follows the endearing tale of Julie Hutton and Charlie Fletcher, who gets forced to share a villa upon arriving in the city of Romeo and Juliet. Like the Montagues and Capulets, Julie and Charlie fight severely to make the other one leave the villa. Eventually, they develop an enchanting bond and share fascinating moments. Tom Hopper and Kat Graham, as Charlie and Julie respectively, succeed in captivating the viewers enough to make one wonder whether they are dating in real life with their on-screen chemistry. If you are looking for the answer concerning the same, you are at the right place!

Are Julie and Charlie Dating in Real Life?

No, Tom Hopper and Kat Graham are not dating in real life. However, Tom shares his life with a fellow performer who also plays a character in ‘Love in the Villa.’ The actor is married to Laura Hopper, who portrays Cassie, Charlie’s girlfriend with whom he breaks up. While Charlie and Cassie have a tumultuous on-and-off relationship in the film, Tom and Laura are happily married since 2014. They had known each other for around five years before getting married. Tom and Laura also have a daughter named Truly Rose and a son named Freddie.

In June 2022, Tom and Laura celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. “This next chapter is popping off and I’m so excited to be your [Tom’s] team mate. Together we can move mountains Mr H. May I forever wrestle you on a lilo (and win). Love you the most,” Laura shared on the occasion. “[…] you [Laura] are my rock. You are my teammate. You are my constant cheerleader,” Tom shared about his wife on the same occasion. As per reports, Tom and Laura also own the production company named Pine Tree Productions. They also share the vignettes of their life with their fans through the YouTube channel titled “The Hopper Family.”

Kat Graham, on the other hand, is engaged to director and producer Darren Genet. They reportedly began dating in 2017 after they met on a filming set. The couple got engaged while enjoying a vacation together in Mexico for Genet’s birthday. Kat and Genet do share glimpses of their lives through their social media handles occasionally. Although Tom and Kat are together with different people, their chemistry on-screen is not accidental. They seemingly share an endearing friendship as fellow performers.

“I got comfortable with Kat very quickly and being able to play with her and enjoy discovering stuff in the scenes, and that’s a testament, I think, to Kat as an actor as well. She’s very open,” Tom told Screen Rant about working with Kat. “And I think finding that comfort with each other, as actors, you know, is really, really important on something like this. Because there has to be a trust there, I think,” he added.

In the same interview, Kat also opened up about the experience of working with Tom. The actress said that “working with an actor you like” helped to form the on-screen dynamics. “And then their wife [Laura] comes on the show, and you love her too! And you just want to hang out with these two people all the time,” Kat told Screen Rant. Thus, we can conclude that Tom and Kat’s camaraderie played a huge part in shaping the dynamics and chemistry of Charlie and Julie.

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