Are Mary and Romain From Selling Sunset Still Married?

Ever since ‘Selling Sunset‘ first premiered back in March 2019, apart from the fiery catfights and luxurious properties, Mary Fitzgerald’s relationship with Romain Bonnet has been one of the focal points. After all, their incredible love has stood the test of both time as well as external drama. Moreover, they have faced issues concerning their 13-year age gap, diverse backgrounds, and strong opinions. So, now that season 5 has given us a much deeper insight into their experiences, expectations, and emotions, let’s find out precisely where the couple stands today.

Mary and Romain’s Selling Sunset Journey

Following a second divorce, Mary Fitzgerald had resolved never to walk down the aisle again, especially with her son Austin Babbitt (whom she’d welcomed at 16) gradually growing up into a good man. She essentially chose to continue being there for him while also dedicating herself to her career, unaware that it would eventually lead her to the actual “love of her life.” The real estate agent met Romain Bonnet as a client, a French male she’d been appointed to pick up from the airport to look at houses. However, once they got to talking, it turned into much more.

Mary and Romain’s age difference, or the fact that he was just four years older than Austin, didn’t matter to the duo because of how they bonded. That is why they began dating mere days later. It was quite a whirlwind, considering they’d only been together for a year when ‘Selling Sunset’ started production, during which the then pastry chef proposed to Mary despite fears of missing out on his 20s.

The moissanite ring drama (all external) due to Romain’s financial constraints as well as his and Mary’s different views on when or how to purchase a house did cause some tension between them, but not for long. Romain upgraded Mary’s ring to a natural diamond in April 2019, months before they tied the knot in front of their loved ones on October 12, 2019. The wedding was documented in the season 2 finale.

However, as per official Ventura County Courthouse records, the truth is that Mary and Romain had been legally married since around March 2018 — a time when the world didn’t even know of their association. In the years that have passed, aside from not getting to spend enough quality time together and deciding exactly when to start a family, they’ve continued to disagree on the home aspect over money. So, where does that leave them now?

Are Mary and Romain Still Married?

Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet are not only still blissfully together, but from what we can tell through their online presence, it appears as if they’re stronger than ever. Coming to their issues, the Wilhelmina Model and real estate Project Manager wishes to wait on purchasing a home until he can pay at least half, yet Mary believes he can contribute in other ways, especially as they want to flip. If we’re being honest, her previous decision to never have a spouse again had turned around soon after she’d met Romain, so the only thing holding them back from having kids is that neither of them is ready to slow down their lives just yet.

Mary, the realtor associate/Vice President of The Oppenheim Group, had frozen her eggs back in 2020. Taking into consideration her and Romain’s hectic schedules, they don’t plan on procreating for another two years. “We have so many great things going on,” she told Life & Style Magazine in early 2022. “We have so much we want to take advantage of. We’re both workaholics, and we want to see how far we can go and push ourselves… before we slow down.”

As for the way Mary and Romain tackle the problem of not getting enough quality time together, they try their best to take at least one vacation a month to reconnect and strengthen their relationship. “[Romain and I] didn’t see much of each other before, so we probably see even less of each other [now]. So maybe [that’s] why it works,” Mary conceded.

Mary also shared, “I think we’ve gotten better at communicating… Before, I think we would let things kind of affect us — if there was like a little argument about nothing — because we’re both overworked and stressed out. But now, I think we’ve just realized we’re just exhausted.” All in all, it’s evident that Mary and Romain will do everything in their power to make their love story a successful one.


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