Are Mazey Day, Sydney Alberti, Justin Camley Based on Real Actors?

The fourth episode of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror‘ season 6 explores the complex relationship between celebrities and paparazzi, leading to an interesting conflict that shocks everyone involved. The episode also features several celebrities, such as Mazey Day, Sydney Alberti, and Justin Camley. As a result, viewers must wonder whether either trio is based on real actors or celebrities. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Mazey Day, Sydney Alberti, and Justin Camley Are Fictional

The fourth episode of ‘Black Mirror’ season 6, titled ‘Mazey Day,’ focuses on the titular actress who becomes the point of interest for paparazzi after a very public fall from grace. Mazey is best known for her performances in a fantasy film franchise. However, after an accident, Mazey’s mental health worsens, and she leaves the sets of her new film. In the episode, actress Clara Rugaard plays the role of Mazey Day. Rugaard is best known for her role as Neve Kelly in ‘The Rising.’

However, her character, Mazey Day, does not seem to be based on a real actress, especially since the episode’s third reveals she has transformed into a werewolf following the accident in the Czech Republic. However, the name Mazey Day might reference actress Maisie Williams. Like Mazey, Williams is also known for her role in a fantasy franchise, in her case, the popular HBO series ‘Game of Thrones.’ Interestingly, Williams also plays Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane, a superheroine capable of transforming into a wolf, in the 2020 superhero film ‘The New Mutants.’

Sydney Alberti is an actress and model who also appears in the episode. Alberti is considered a sex symbol, especially after her sex tape was leaked online. However, she is also abused by the paparazzi and general public, who make demeaning comments about Alberti in reference to her sex tape. Although there is no real actress named Sydney Alberti, the character’s appearance seems to be modeled after model and actress Paris Hilton, who also faced scrutiny after her sex tape was leaked online in 2003. The character might also draw inspiration from other actresses who have faced similar circumstances, including Mischa Barton and Pamela Anderson.

Lastly, Justin Camley is a fading television actor we see in the episode’s opening moments. He is cheating on his wife with an unnamed man when Bo clicks pictures of them together. As a result, Camley’s affair is exposed to the general public and his wife. Consequently, Camley is unable to deal with the shame of the incident and dies by suicide. Although there is no evidence of an actor committing suicide after the news of their affair, several celebrities have died from suicide following the news of their involvement in different types of scandals. As a result, Justin Camley is a fictional character meant to represent celebrities’ struggles while trying to maintain their privacy.

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