Are Me Time’s Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg Friends in Real Life?

Image Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Me Time’ is a comedy movie that follows the charades of two life-long friends, Sonny and Huck, who have taken different paths in life. However, when the stay-at-home Sonny receives a small break from his family responsibilities, he reunites with perpetual bachelor Huck leading to an exciting night that forces the duo to reexamine their lives.

In the John Hamburg directorial, actors Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg essay the role of BFFs Sonny and Huck. Given the duo’s eclectic comedic moments and chemistry on screen, viewers must wonder whether Hart and Wahlberg are friends in real life. In that case, here is everything we know about the actors’ off-screen dynamic!

Are Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg Friends in Real Life?

In ‘Me Time,’ Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg essay the roles of Sonny and Huck, two life-long pals who reunite after taking different paths in life. Their friendship forms the crux of the movie’s emotional heart and contrasts Sonny’s relationship with his family. On-screen, the strong bond between him and Huck is evident throughout the narrative. Hart and Wahlberg deliver effortless performances as the two best buddies; thus, it may surprise some viewers that the movie marks the first collaboration between a talented duo of actors.

While Kevin Hart is known for his off-screen bromance with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, his relationship with Wahlberg isn’t as public. Interestingly, during an episode of his talk show ‘Hart to Hart,’ he explained his connection with the latter dates years back. Wahlberg served as an executive producer on the HBO drama series ‘Entourage,’ which is loosely inspired by his own experiences in Hollywood. Hart was in the early stages of his acting career and tested for a recurring part in the series but ultimately lost the role to a different actor.

Nonetheless, the incident likely sparked a professional relationship between the two stars. During an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,’ Wahlberg opened up about his equation with Hart. The two had remained in contact over the years and wished to work together. However, the latter rejected every project he suggested for them to collaborate on. Eventually, Hart approached him to star alongside him in ‘Me Time’ and ‘The Departed‘-fame actor decided to come on board to essay the role of Huck.

After making some jokes about Hart, Wahlberg ended the conversation by calling Hart “a genuinely nice guy” and praised his co-star’s comedic talent. In the episode mentioned above of ‘Hart to Hart,’ the actor revealed that he met Wahlberg’s crew and was enamored by them. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the two actors share a relationship that goes beyond the screen. During the promotions of ‘Me Time,’ both actors sang each other’s praise while often engaging in witty banter. Hence, their off-screen dynamic appears to be very friendly.

Moreover, the two are not afraid to pull each other’s legs and often direct funny insults at each other, as evident during their promotional interview with Vanity Fair. During the filming of ‘Me Time,’ Hart took to Instagram and posted about having a blast working with Wahlberg. In another post, hart shared his and Wahlberg’s love for sneakers and referred to his co-star as a brother.

Hence, it is safe to say that Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg are friends in real life. Furthermore, their witty banter and hilarious exchanges also continue off the screen. Ultimately, it is refreshing to see the co-stars sharing a compassionate relationship in real life, and viewers can expect to see the talented duo collaborate on more projects in the future.

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