Mike And Priscilla: Is the Love Island Duo Still Dating?

Created by Brent Baker, Mark Busk-Cowley, Tom Gould, and Joe Scarrat, ‘Love Island’ is a British dating show that brings several young men and women to a beautiful villa. Each participant aims to find a romantic match for themselves and establish themselves as one of the front-running couples throughout the season. Anyone not paired after a coupling event is eliminated, and new faces are brought in to spice things up. The couples must make the public believe in their love as they are the ones who decide the winner of the £50,000 cash prize.

However, it is not just the winning couple that has the viewers’ eyes on them, and many of the cast members retain a large fan following after their time on the show. Consider Mike Boateng and Priscilla Anyabu, one of the beloved couples from the show’s sixth iteration, whom the public followed eagerly even after they exited the reality series. Many of their fans cannot help but wonder if the relationship was able to survive in the real world, and we are here to investigate the same!

Mike And Priscilla’s Love Island Journey

Michael “Mike” Boateng appeared on the first day of ‘Love Island’ season 6. Based on first impressions, he coupled up with Leanne Amaning, but on Day 2, Jess Gale, a new entry, decided to steal him for herself, leaving Leanne single. Nevertheless, after the next coupling event, Mike and the latter were back together and remained strong until Day 18, when he paired up with Sophie Piper during the coupling, leading to Leanne’s elimination.

Priscilla Anyabu entered on the 23rd day when she and several other girls joined the boys living in Casa Amor. After a series of competitions and flirty interactions, the original islanders had to stay with their current partner or form a new pair with one of the latest entries. Given Sophie’s elimination on Day 22, Mike was single and chose Priscilla as his partner. Since then, they became one of the strongest couples in the season and garnered a huge fan following outside the villa’s walls.

Despite their fair share of ups and downs, Mike and Priscilla were a formidable team and bagged a few victories, including the baby challenge. Towards the end of the season, he even asked her to officially be his girlfriend, an offer she gladly accepted. Mike and Priscilla’s bond allowed them to be one of the top 5 couples of the season. Albeit, just before the final three days, the two were dumped from the island, marking the end of their journey to victory.

Despite this, the couple seemed quite happy and were glad to have found each other on the show. Albeit, did their relationship survive the test of time? Let’s dive right in and get the answers.

Mike And Priscilla Are No Longer Together

As of writing, Mike and Priscilla are no longer a couple. Fans were first alerted to a possible separation between the two in June 2021 after they removed some of their pictures from their social media. Furthermore, the reality TV stars had stopped following one another on social media, which was another significant sign of a possible split. According to Mike, the breakup came after 15 months of being together as they supported each other through their life after the villa and the pandemic shortly after their time on the reality series.

During their relationship, Mike and Priscilla used their collective platforms to raise awareness about issues close to their hearts and support the Black Lives Matter movement. The two even had the honor of presenting the MOBO awards in December 2020. While together, Mike and Priscilla often worked with each other in professional and personal capacities, having a loving relationship that made many of their fans happy.

Multiple reasons led to the separation between the two reality stars. Mike confessed that he had felt a bit pressured to represent “black love” on the reality show following his initial romance with Leanne Amaning. His relationship with Priscilla put the two under the same pressure, even though they often commented on the contrary. Mike went on to confess that living together with Priscilla in such close quarters made both of them wish for some space.

The two separated for some time in December 2020 but then got back together. During their brief split, Mike came in contact with his former ‘Love Island’ partner Leanne, though nothing happened between them. He even stated that he had immediately made Priscilla aware of the latter’s presence in his life not to create any issues. Based on Mike’s responses, it seems unlikely he would consider Leanne a potential romantic partner anytime soon.

Despite their best efforts, Mike and Priscilla realized by February 2021 that it might be better to part ways. Unlike what many might expect, their decision to break up was made through a mature conversation. The two did want to make their relationship work, yet did not want to force something that did not exist. Hence, the two decided they might be better off as friends and remain on amicable terms. In fact, the two can still be seen in some of the posts on each other’s Instagram, especially those regarding their performance in ‘Love Island.’

As for their professional lives, Mike is a model based in London and is affiliated with Oxygen Model Management. He was also one of the celebrities in the twelfth iteration of ‘Ex on the Beach,’ and the second season of ‘Celebrity Ex on the Beach’ saw Mike’s ex Lisa Steele make an appearance.

Meanwhile, Priscilla works as a presenter and model and has not left her foray into reality TV behind. The Battersea, UK, native was a part of the 37th installment of ‘The Challenge,’ AKA ‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies,’ where she made it as far as the tenth episode. We wish Mike and Priscilla the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future ahead.

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