Are Reagan and LJ From Swiping America Still Together?

Created by Johnnie Ingram and Steve Warren, Max’s ‘Swiping America‘ is a romantic docuseries that revolves around the love lives of four New York singles who travel across the country in hopes of finding love. Given the nature of the whole experiment, it was a surprise to no one that the primary cast members preferred one of their potential partners over the rest. Consider the pairing of Reagan Baker and Lawrence “LJ” Witt, which might have been unexpected for some but certainly left the fans rooting for them. Naturally, people are curious whether or not their on-screen is still alive today, and we are here to explore the same.

Reagan and LJ’s Swiping America Journey

For Reagan, the chance of meeting so many potential matches was both exhilarating and terrifying, given her self-confessed aversion when it comes to talking publically about her daughter Piper. That said, she did meet some people with whom she seemingly bonded well, including Don Lambert and Ross Martin. In fact, she met with the former in two different cities during the experiment.

However, when Reagan’s plans of meeting with Ross in Boulder, Colorado, fell through due to his Covid-19 diagnosis, she turned her attention towards LJ, whom she had met during the speed dates round. Though she stated, he was not her “usual type,” his maturity and pleasantness appealed to her when considering a long-term partner. For their date, Reagan baked LJ lemon ricotta cookies while he made her fresh cocktails.

Throughout Reagan’s time in Boulder, the two hung out multiple times, and during their last night together in the city, they shared a kiss, and LJ’s parting speech was undoubtedly touching. This confused her even more about whom she should invite to visit her in Hawaii, given how she was already torn between Don and Ross. Yet, ultimately, she asked LJ, much to his surprise. During their time in the island state, Reagan told him about Piper’s health and her status as a single mother, but he took it all in stride, which the reality TV star appreciated very much.

Are Reagan and LJ Still Together?

As of writing, neither Reagan nor LJ has shared any updates regarding their love life. Nevertheless, the mother of one certainly seems quite happy about her on-screen experience. In fact, Reagan shared that one of the four primary cast members has gotten married very recently, making fans speculate who the happy couple could be. Given the easy chemistry between her and LJ, their admirers hope they are at least still in a relationship. Though Regan presently does not follow him on Instagram, the latter is indeed one of her followers.

Currently, LJ is working with Código 1530 Tequila as the Director of Sales for the west, having retained the position since February 2018. Meanwhile, Reagan works as a Hairstylist for ManeSpace though she also has her freelancing business in the field. We wish them the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future, no matter their romantic status.

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