Are Rodrigo and Dayanne From Love is Blind: Brazil Still Together?

Love is Blind: Brazil‘ is a reality dating series that can be deemed nothing short of a rollercoaster ride thanks to the drama, heartbreak, contentions, and relationships it explores. After all, it follows a group of singles looking for love as they go from speed dates to getting engaged without meeting face to face. Then, after merely four weeks together, they walk down the aisle and reveal if they’re willing to promise forever to their chosen partner or not. One such hopeful couple in the show is Rodrigo and Dayanne, so let’s uncover their bond and where they stand today!

Rodrigo and Dayanne’s Love is Blind: Brazil Journey

The then-35-year-old financial consultant Rodrigo Vaisemberg described his nature perfectly during his introduction on ‘Love is Blind: Brazil,’ calling himself “a bit eccentric” and open to trying different things. He also admitted that he has work stability, and the only missing aspect is a companion by his side. As for bank clerk Dayanne “Day” Feitoza, who was 31 years old at the time, she stated that she desired something more than just a superficial link. Thus, despite their perpetually flirty and light conversations, the duo clicked and managed to forge a connection that went deeper than expected.

The fact that Rodrigo was greeted with Day’s infectious laugh during their first date in the “pods,” and they found common ground with their interest in astrology, was what sparked their love story. Over time, the pair moved on from speaking about Rodrigo having his birth chart tattooed on himself to their families, religion, and expectations from a spouse. Their interest in each other’s experiences kept their involvement going, so once Day gifted her partner her nightgown with a romantic and emotional note confessing her feelings, he got down on one knee and proposed.

Are Rodrigo and Dayanne Still Together?

Rodrigo Vaisemberg and Dayanne “Day” Feitoza are a couple whose bond did not waver even for a second when they finally met face to face for the first time. Their affection and Rodrigo’s literal screams of sheer happiness were proof of that. Unfortunately, though, things shifted a little when they came into the real world, and Day started getting apprehensive about her fiance’s inability to take any matter seriously. She explained that Rodrigo looked for excuses to get out of such situations, which bothered her. And it seems like his tidiness and her messiness also got in the way.

Rodrigo and Day follow one another on online platforms and appear to have a positive relationship, yet it is unclear whether they tied the knot or walked away as friends. There’s no disputing that they actually fell in love during the experiment, but as we all know, that’s not always enough. With that said, we are staying optimistic and rooting for Rodrigo and Day, especially since they both reside in São Paulo and have conceded to being hopeless romantics. In simpler words, they could have worked things out to prove that they genuinely want to build a family together, tackle every obstacle that comes their way, and grow old beside each other.

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