Are Rue and Jules Back Together in Euphoria? Why Did They Break Up?

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The second season of ‘Euphoria‘ returns viewers in the midst of some of the most complex teenagers who share volatile interpersonal relationships. The bond between Rue and Jules is a cornerstone of the series, and the season 2 premiere reunites the two fan-favorite characters in a big way. However, the duo’s tumultuous time together and indecisiveness in addressing their feelings has made fans wary about getting their hopes high when it comes to expecting a long-term future together for Rue and Jules. Here’s what we learn about Rue and Jules’ ever-evolving relationship in ‘Euphoria’ season 2 episode 1! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Why Did Rue and Jules Break Up?

Rue and Jules’ relationship begins when the two meet and instantly become friends. In time, they both realize that they are special to each other and explore the possibility of being more than just friends. Jules’ presence helps Rue keep her anxiety and addiction at bay. Rue’s condition improves in Jules’ presence, and she feels more optimistic about life. However, being the reason for Rue’s sobriety slowly proves too much to handle for Jules, who has to deal with her own psychological issues. In the season 1 finale, Jules admits to being in love with Rue. However, she also has feelings for Anna, a fling she had while away from the town.

Image Credit: Eddy Chen/HBO

Jules and Rue decide to leave the city and reach the train station believing that each other’s company is all they need. However, Rue begins to think about her mother and sister. She ultimately decides against leaving while Jules boards the train. In the bridge episode titled ‘Fuck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob,’ Jules admits to her therapist that she felt burdened with being the reason for Rue’s sobriety. She also acknowledges that she is no longer attracted to men. At the episode’s end, Rue meets Jules but leaves before they can talk and sort things out. Since Rue and Jules weren’t actually a couple, it is probably best not to call their separation a breakup.

Are Rue and Jules Back Together in Euphoria?

In the second season premiere of ‘Euphoria,’ Jules and Rue both end up at a New Year’s party. While Rue tries to hide, Jules spends most of the episode searching for Rue. In the episode, Rue also addresses Jules as her former girlfriend and realizes that she should have been more forthcoming about her romantic feelings. When Jules finds Rue, the latter tells her to disappear. Jules asks Rue when she relapsed, and Rue admits it was right after Jules left. However, Rue later approaches Jules and apologizes. Rue expresses that she wants to be with Jules, and the two kiss. However, the tender moment between Rue and Jules is interrupted by Fezco’s attack on Nate.

It is important to note that during her conversation with Jules, Rue is extremely high. The music combined with Rue’s drug intake creates a scene similar to Rue’s euphoric trances we have seen before. Therefore, it is possible that Rue imagined the entire conversation. Rue and Jules are standing together when the fight is broken off, seemingly confirming that their conversation and kiss indeed happened. The episode’s dramatic reunion of Rue and Jules will certainly please Rules shippers. It is safe to say that Jules and Rue are back together, at least for now. Given the duo’s complicated psychological issues, there is certainly a lot Jules and Rue must figure out before completely embracing their feelings for each other.

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