Ryan and Haley: Is the Farmer Wants a Wife Duo Still Together?

Image Credits: Haley Ramirez/ Instagram

Featuring the quest for love and a chance at happiness, ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ follows four farmers looking for the woman of their dreams. The reality television show is the first installment of FOX’s rebooted British spin-off series. As thirty-two women and four men set out to find their perfect match, drama follows quickly. The group of men and women set out to find their partner in the scenic backdrop of the countryside and face a number of challenges.

From going into the field to establishing genuine connections, ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ captures the countryside courtship of the entertainment stars. Throughout the season, Ryan and Haley have accrued a lot of attention and invoked curiosity. Naturally, fans wonder if they managed to overcome their differences and come together on the other side. Luckily, we’ve got all the information for you right here!

Ryan and Haley’s Farmer Wants a Wife Journey

At 31, Ryan Black came to the show to find his soulmate and become a dedicated family man. The eligible bachelor hailing from Gastonia, North Carolina, aimed to find a woman that would complete his family. On the other hand, Haley Ramirez is a 28-year-old recruiter hailing from New York. Haley came to establish a true connection while also wanting to meet the man of her dreams. While three of the four farmers walked away with a partner easily, Ryan’s journey to finding the woman of his dreams was full of twists and turns.

Not too long after Ryan mingled with Haley and established a connection, he realized that their different personalities wouldn’t suit each other too well. In the sixth episode of the season, Ryan decided to put aside the deep connection he felt for Haley and send her home. The North Carolina-based farmer remained convinced that their personalities were out of sync and the two were simply disconnected. Moreover, the farmer iterated that the process was emotionally toiling for Haley, which is why she should head home.

A heartbroken Haley quickly accepted his stance but held that it’s okay to be emotional and left the show distraught midway. However, Ryan soon realized he had lost his chance at a true connection and happiness. Equally affected by his choice, Ryan had made an abrupt decision to prove to Haley his true feelings. Ryan immediately flew to New York to showcase his true feelings for his lady love. Both Ryan and Haley met at a coffee shop in New York, where the former laid out his heart. Ryan asked for a second chance with Haley and asked her to forgive him.

The farmer also reiterated that he had been miserable after she left and regretted the huge mistake he had made. However, despite the heartfelt evocation of feelings that had rushed the farmer, Haley was truly heartbroken and was hesitant to forgive him. Even after the requests he made to Haley for her return, the tension that had come to the surface was difficult to undo. Naturally, fans wonder whether Haley and Ryan walked away from the show hand in hand and solidified the foundation of their relationship or not.

Ryan and Haley Have Broken Up

No, Ryan and Haley are no longer together. Even though Ryan had decided to choose Haley over Sara, in the final episode, his choice came to little avail since Haley did not revert his exact feelings. Instead, the New York-based recruiter decided that she needed time and space for herself and does not want to engage in a relationship until she was completely ready. So, while Ryan laid it all on the line, Haley decided that she would choose herself first.

Moreover, Ryan and Haley’s relationship did not pan out the way fans had hoped after the season. Haley took to Instagram and wrote that it’s okay to be emotional and advised her fans never to accept less from anyone. She had also taken to her TikTok account and stated that after filming was concluded, Ryan didn’t pursue her. Even though the two have been in contact, their conversation did not pan out into a relationship.

As such, the two stars are now heading in separate directions. Unlike the other finalists, both Ryan and Haley did not attend the finale watch party held at Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo in Florida. So, even though Ryan Black and Haley Ramirez are no longer together, we wish them the best of luck in their future and hope that they perform exceptionally in their respective personal and professional endeavors.

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