Are Sexiguy and Sexify Real Orgasm Apps?

The Polish sex comedy series ‘Sexify’ revolves around three young women’s endeavors to develop the titular app around female pleasure. Natalia, Paulina, and Monika work collectively to bring this topic to attention. The show, developed by Piotr Domalewski, Kalina Alabrudzińska, Agata Gerc, Malgorzata Suwala, and Jan Kwieciński, follows the protagonists’ efforts to create ‘Sexify.’ The second season of the Netflix series focuses on the launch of the app. Furthermore, it introduces us to its competitor app, Sexiguy.

‘Sexify’ features actresses Sandra Drzymalska, Aleksandra Skraba, and Maria Sobocińska in lead roles. Additionally, the featured apps work solely for sexual pleasure in females and males. However, inevitable roadblocks prohibit them from further developing and launching the apps. We can’t help but wonder if these revolutionary apps indeed exist in real life. Let’s find out!

Do Sexiguy and Sexify Apps Exist In Reality?

No, the sex apps ‘Sexify’ and ‘Sexiguy’ are entirely fictional. ‘Sexify’ is created by Natalia, whereas ‘Sexiguy’ is developed by her arch nemesis, Rafal. Since college, they have been competing for the same goals and aspirations. From a university grant project to an app for the real world, Natalia and Rafal challenge each other constantly.

The apps are revolutionary as they bring such a misunderstood and taboo topic into the limelight. People seldom talk about sexual intimacy as a way to get pleasure and connect better in a relationship. It is mainly seen as a way to procreate and nothing else. Nonetheless, the show changes viewers’ perspectives for the better. It informs us that teens and young adults develop sexual desires at that age, and it’s healthy to talk about them.

The show and, by extension, the apps serve as credible platforms for the characters to speak and discuss sexual matters openly. Other than just pleasure, teenagers must explore their sexuality in a safe space. Rather than conforming to society-imposed gender norms, people should be free to be fluid and experience what they like. The show focuses heavily on such themes to give the plot a layer of originality and authenticity.

Young adults in the show have a great time exploring their preferences and discovering the best way to achieve an orgasm. Interestingly, a sexual app named ‘Sexify’ is available on the Apple App Store, but it is not similar to the one Natalia creates. It talks about spicing things up in the bedroom and keeping things exciting. However, Natalia’s app focuses on orgasms and the optimized way to achieve them. Initially, Rafal makes ‘Sexiguy’ as a parodied version of ‘Sexify.’ Eventually, it becomes a reputed men’s alternative to ‘Sexify.’

Furthermore, it would be highly beneficial for today’s youth to have apps like these. Most couples don’t discuss intimacy or the best way to make each other feel loved and desired. Consequently, such apps will help partners communicate and share what they like best. Apps like ‘Sexify’ and ‘Sexiguy’ can make sex far more pleasurable and simplified for users.

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