Taylor and Clayton: Is Are You The One Couple Still Together?

Presented by Kamie Crawford, ‘Are You The One?‘ is a dating reality series that will keep your attention given the sheer number of twists and turns involved. As the contestants try to find their chosen partner, few experience the sheer relief from completing this task that Taylor Kelly and Clayton “Clay” Carey from season 9 must have felt. The couple’s journey to be with each other was full of hurdles and took many trials and errors. Needless to say, Taylor and Clayton’s pairing has garnered much love and attention from the public, with people eager to know if the couple from the Paramount+ series is together even now.

Taylor Kelly and Clayton Carey’s Are You The One Journey

When Taylor Kelly entered the Paramount+ show, she was determined to follow the directives of the social experiment and get to know everyone. This helped her gain an advantage as she was one of the winners of the show’s first challenge and ended up taking Nathan Grant on a date. Meanwhile, Clay decided to take a more sedate approach and was a bit slower in forming connections. Just after her first date, Taylor was sent to the Truth Booth only to discover that she and Nathan were not a Perfect Match.

For their very first match-up ceremony, Taylor was partnered with Hamudi Hasoon. At the same time, Clay chose Dew Pineda to be his match. However, given that the ceremony was a blackout, they both knew who to cross off in their lists. Things started to develop more as Taylor got closer to William “Will” Gagnon, whereas Clay bonded with Ciara “CC” Cortez. Yet, another round in the Truth Booth helped Taylor realize that her current partner was not her match.

Despite their multiple failed attempts at romance, Taylor and Clay started to develop a good bond. Ultimately, during the 6th match-up ceremony, she chose him as her partner, which sat well with the latter. The connection between the two certainly got stronger as Clay chose Taylor as his partner during the next ceremony. She won another challenge for the fourth time on the show and decided to spend the day with him.

When spending time together, Taylor and Clay could not help but gush about each other. While the former commented that Clay brought out a side of her that few people ever got to see, the latter was quite impressed by just how knowledgeable and passionate Taylor was. The rest of the cast members chose the couple to send into the Truth Booth, where it was revealed that Taylor and Clay were indeed a Perfect Match.

Taylor Kelly and Clayton Carey Are Keeping Their Dating Life Private

After being declared each other’s Perfect Partner, Taylor and Clay moved into the Honeymoon Suite alongside other confirmed couples. Given how easy the two found talking to each other on the show, we are sure their time as an established couple would have been just as wonderful. As of writing, neither of the two has yet to give any official updates regarding their relationship. Nevertheless, their interactions on various social media handles make us hopeful the pair’s journey is still ongoing.

Presently, Taylor is based in Sarasota, Florida, and works as a Realtor for Preferred Shore. On the other hand, Clay is an accomplished Fitness Coach and Athlete. He is also affiliated with The Fitness Concept, a fitness center in Prahran, Australia. In fact, the reality TV star won the 2020 fitness events of The Bay Games and MastersHQ, two well-known sports competitions. We wish them the best in their lives and hope their romantic dreams come true off-screen.

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