Are The Resident’s Leela and Padma Twins in Real Life?

Image Credit: Tom Griscom/FOX

The fourth season of FOX’s medical series ‘The Resident’ introduces Leela Devi, who joins Chastain Park Memorial Hospital as a surgical intern. Upon impressing her colleagues, she eventually becomes a resident at the hospital. She also dates Devon Pravesh, one of her colleagues. As Leela’s life and career at Chastain progresses, her twin sister Padma Devi becomes a part of the same unexpectedly as she asks the former to donate her eggs for Padma to become a mother. Since Padma’s pregnancy is an integral storyline of the second half of the fifth season and the first half of the sixth season, the viewers have been wondering whether the two sisters are twins in real life. Well, let us share the answer!

Are Leela and Padma Twins in Real Life?

Yes, Leela and Padma are twins in real life. Anuja Joshi, an Indian-American actor, plays Leela and her twin sister Aneesha Joshi plays Padma in ‘The Resident.’ Anuja joined the cast of the medical drama after a guest appearance in another FOX series titled ‘Fantasy Island.’ She also appears in Indian shows titled ‘Broken But Beautiful’ and ‘Hello Mini.’ Aneesha Joshi joined the FOX show after a guest appearance in CBS’ action seriesMacGyver.’

Image Credit: Tom Griscom/FOX

When Aneesha joined the show, she didn’t forget to express her gratitude towards her twin sister. “Thank you to the entire team of @theresidentonfox for welcoming me to the cast with such open arms. Thank you @anujabomajoshi for being my pillar of strength and inspiration,” the actress shared at the time. In ‘The Resident,’ Anuja and Aneesha appear together on the screen for the first time as well. The actress had expressed her excitement in an interview given to The Indian Express’s Indulge.

“My experience working on The Resident has been nothing short of a dream. This show is so compelling, entertaining and has such a talented cast and crew. Not to mention I am lucky enough to share screen space with my sister [Anuja] for the very first time!” Aneesha said in the interview. “Working with Anuja on building Leela and Padma’s storyline is a joy and truly inspiring as an actor. Coming to work on The Resident every day has been such a joy, and I truly feel like I am learning so much on the job by just absorbing and observing my surroundings,” the actress added.

Likewise, Anuja had also shared the joy of working together with her twin sister Aneesha. “We [Anuja and Aneesha] work very well together on set. We manage to give each other space when we need it. It’s like working with my best friend,” Anuja said in an April 2022 interview. Having both Anuja and Aneesha on board enabled the writers of ‘The Resident’ to give significance to the storyline of Leela and Padma, which also includes August Jeremiah “AJ/The Raptor” Austin becoming a father of Padma’s twins. In the upcoming episodes of the sixth season, we may see Padma taking care of her baby twins under the watch of the babies’ aunt.

Anuja and Aneesha are part of an Indian film family. Their father was a famed child artist in Bollywood who was known by the stage name Master Alankar. Their aunt Pallavi Joshi is an Indian National Award-winning actress. They also have a younger brother named Aashay.

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