Vanessa and Tiago: Is the Love is Blind Brazil Duo Still Dating?

The concept of falling in love with someone’s personality and inner beauty, rather than looks, is something that never fails to make the romantics sigh. Hence, it is no wonder that people often have someone fall for their personality rather than their looks and form an emotional connection. In order to give several romantics a similar chance, Netflix launched ‘Love is Blind: Brazil.’ The Brazilian dating reality series is one of the main reasons that many couples decide to take the big step of tying the know.

In fact, the second season of the show, which aired recently, gave viewers many couples to root for, including Vanessa Carvalho and Tiago Chapola. Their on-screen journey has its fair share of ups and downs, but it only kept the viewers coming back for more. Naturally, people are eager to know if the pair are still together.

Vanessa and Tiago’s Love is Blind: Brazil Journey

When 35-year-old Tiago Chapola entered the second season of the Netflix show, he was able to sweep several girls off their feet. However, when the female participants sat down, they all came to the conclusion that maybe the sales representative was telling them all the same thing. Not afraid to tackle the issues head-on, Vanessa Carvalho decided to confront Tiago about the same. However, he assured her that he simply wanted to take the chance to get to know his potential partners, though he had no plans of continuing dating everyone. In fact, there were only three women that he was interested in, and Vanessa apparently happened to be at the top of the list.

Slowly but surely, Vanessa and Tiago started to come closer though the 32-year-old psychologist was not the only person whom Tiago continued to date. For a major part of the blind dating period, he remained indecisive between Vanessa and Antonia Andrade. This prompted Vanessa to explore further options. Learning about the interest that other participants had in Vanessa made Tiago worried, and the two talked about it on their next date. The ensuing argument between them left them on unfriendly terms.

Meanwhile, Tiago’s connection with Antonia flourished, and he even said that the two were dating. In order to maintain honesty, Antonia decided to share the news with Vanessa, which Tiago supported and said that he would also talk to Vanessa about. However, during their next date, Vanessa was tired of leaving in a state of doubt. She claimed that he was the only reason she was still on the show and that he needed to make a choice.

Torn about what to do, Tiago ultimately decided to stop seeing Antonia and proposed to Vanessa, which delighted the latter. After their joyful meeting, the couple was soon whisked away to the middle of the Amazon rainforest by the showmakers. While there, they explored the physical side of their relationship and got to know each other better. However, it was soon time to go back into the real world and learn more about each other.

One of the biggest points of contention for Vanessa was her discomfort with where Tiago lived, along with his financials. Nevertheless, the groom-to-be was determined that they would be able to make it past the hurdle. As for their families, Tiago’s loved ones seemed to embrace Vanessa with open arms. He did confide with some of his family members, and later on to Vanessa, that some of their personality differences did not sit well with him.

Vanessa’s father did not seem to be on board with the show’s experiment and refused to meet up with it either her or Tiago. This hurt the reality TV star as she had always been close to her father and wanted his approval. Additionally, she was afraid that it might impact their professional work. Vanessa also wanted Tiago to be a bit more open about his emotions, and the couple seemingly made some progress in the department. As their wedding came closer and closer, they could not help but ponder their differences.

When the time came for Vanessa and Tiago to marry each other, their answers surprised many. As the first one to give his answer, Tiago said “no” to tying the knot as he felt that they were looking for something that did not exist between them. Vanessa stated that she, too, had planned to say “no.” However, her reason stemmed from her fiancé’s apparent difficulty in opening up. She stated that the Tiago she met in the pods seemed like an open and emotional man, but that was not who he really was. The reality TV star added that her partner was not sure and she deserved someone who was.

Vanessa and Tiago Are No Longer Together

As it turns out, Vanessa and Tiago are not together anymore. The two are not following each other on social media and given their turbulent history on the show, they do not seem to be on the best of terms. After all, both Vanessa and Tiago often found themselves disagreeing with each other, with neither party willing to marry the other. Even their conversations during the reunion episode showcased that Vanessa was far from happy with her on-screen partner and called him “fake and manipulative.” Nevertheless, we do wish them the best in their life and hope they find the happiness they deserve.

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