Are Wiktoria and Jasiek From Love Never Lies Poland Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Poland’ is a Polish dating series that tests the trust between two people to the extreme with the “eye detect” test. In the very first season of the series, the viewers are introduced to Jasiek Żamejć and Wiktoria Mleczek. The duo captured the viewers’ interest from the start thanks to their confident appearance, interesting backstory, and highly emotional interactions. Throughout the show, the pair’s relationship went through several ups and downs that genuinely tested the strength of their bond. This makes the viewers ask — are they still together, or have they gone on their separate paths? Well, here is what we know about the same!

Wiktoria and Jasiek’s Love Never Lies: Poland Journey

While all the couples entered the villa with doubts about their relationship, Wiktoria and Jasiek entered with a bang! Their only aim was to win the cash prize with nothing to hide or lose. However, as the show progressed, truths about their relationship surfaced, and fans were shocked. It turned out the two were putting on a mask about their confidence, and in reality, they, too, had several doubts. Cracks in their relationships began when Wiktoria felt Jasiek prioritized the prize money over her. Moreover, things heated up with the entry of the temptations in the villa.

Wiktoria opened up about her real emotions, revealing that she was “scared of Jasiek’s reactions,” as they had been “terrible” earlier. She also divulged that he was the “jealous type,” and his past reactions made her tip-toe to a certain extent in the relationship, where she felt guilty about things she didn’t do. Wictoria further hinted that she was scared that things would go “physical.” Seeing her reaction, Jasiek denied everything and claimed he didn’t know what upset her. However, he was visibly upset seeing her so upset, which affected his own mental health.

One of the other issues faced by the couple was the concept of “social media boundaries.” While Wiktoria felt her partner crossed a boundary by liking pictures of his ex, who lowered her self-esteem, Jasiek believed he took a more “humane approach” to the said boundary. In the end, the pair only faced disappointment as it was revealed that the latter continued to seek sexual relations from women on social media.

Are Wiktoria and Jasiek Still Together?

Unfortunately, Wiktoria and Jasiek weren’t sure where their relationship would go when their time on the show was over. Since then, they have attempted to work things out, although they have acknowledged that their arguments frequently come up in conversation. Both have sought therapy to understand their lives better, but they haven’t done so together. Given the rough waters they are traveling through as of this writing, neither side appears to be sure of the current status of their relationship. Hence, it is unclear to us to ascertain whether Wictoria and Jasiek are still together.

In the first season’s reunion episode, Wiktoria and Jasiek acknowledged that despite their many disputes, they still cared for one another. Wiktoria is busy working as a successful interior designer. Besides, she is creating a name for herself in the beauty industry. On the other hand, Jasiek has continued his job as a Logistics Provider. We sincerely hope the pair resolves their issues and wish them luck in their journey to success.

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