Zeina and Ebraheem: Is the Dubai Bling Duo Still on Friendly Terms?

Netflix’s ‘Dubai Bling‘ is an intriguing reality TV series that follows a group of wealthy friends living in Diamond City, AKA Dubai. While chronicling their lavish lifestyles and social events, it delves into their interpersonal relationships and family life. Given the highly accomplished individuals they are and their strong personalities, tempers are bound to fly during even the smallest conflicts, leading to some saucy drama.

Season 1 of the show saw some significant tensions brewing amid the group, with things even getting physical at a point. The two individuals at the crux of it all were Zeina Khoury and Ebraheem Al Samadi, whose altercations led to the group splitting into two. Since a major attempt at reconciliation followed it, fans are curious if the two friends managed to bury the hatchet or are still at odds. If you wish to know the same, here’s what we found.

Zeina and Ebraheem’s Dubai Bling Journey

Zeina Khoury and Ebraheem Al Samadi were good friends at the beginning of the inaugural iteration, who ran in the same social circles in Dubai. Interestingly, she even praised him to Loujain Adada (LJ) after the latter had a somewhat awkward blind date with him. However, things turned awkward when Ebraheem discovered Zeina and LJ’s dislike towards Farhana Bodi, whom he considers a close friend.

Furthermore, during a dinner with Zeina, Danya, DJ Bliss, and Safa, Ebraheem relayed all they said about Farhana to her on call. This irked Zeina and Safa, and their annoyance got aggravated when Farhana ended up at the same venue as LJ’s desert getaway; they felt that Ebraheem had disclosed the location to her. Thus, the former two landed in Ebraheem’s cafe and confronted him, which he found disrespectful. Livid that they caused a commotion at his workplace, he decided to get back at Zeina.

Ebraheem shared the incident with Danya, who agreed that Zeina had crossed her boundaries, and the two stormed into the latter’s office. Ebraheem and Danya insisted he wished to buy Zeina’s company, which led to a massive argument between them. Unfortunately, things became ugly when the two women got into a physical altercation and threw coffee at each other. This caused a major rift in the friend circle, as Safa and LJ sided with Zeina, and Danya refused to apologize to her despite her husband and Ebraheem’s advice.

After a series of uncomfortable encounters at social gatherings, Ebraheem made a massive public apology to Zeina at LJ’s Women’s Day auction. Though she accepted it initially, she again got angry at him when he tried defending Danya’s actions. Accusing Ebraheem of justifying his friend’s unjust behavior, Zeina rejected his attempt at reconciliation and stormed off with Safa. After this shocking incident, the question remains: Did it mean the end of their friendship?

Zeina Khoury and Ebraheem Al Samadi Are on Friendly Terms

It seems that Zeina and Ebraheem have not fully recovered from what went down between them and are presently cordial, at best. Eventually, she decided to move past the horrid fight at her office and greeted him cordially at Kris Fade and Brianna’s wedding. Nevertheless, Zeina chooses to be a bit distant from Ebraheem after everything and declares to Safa that she cannot trust him anymore. Meanwhile, he, too, chose to treat her as an acquaintance and called Danya from the wedding to show his loyalty to her.

Since filming ended, Zeina and Ebraheem have returned to their everyday lives, and it’s unclear whether they are still as thick as earlier. Although, their lack of presence in each other’s social media pictures and no reports of them being seen together at events indicate they have preferred to maintain their distance after the whole fiasco involving Danya. Interestingly, Ebraheem is still good friends with the latter, whereas Zeina chooses to hang out more with Safa. Nevertheless, we wish both of them the best in their lives and hope they can move past their differences someday.

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