Artemis Fowl Ending, Explained

Young adult fantasy is a genre that has exploded over time, with the most popular example being the ‘Harry Potter‘ movie series, of course. However, there have been countless ones that have followed, most of them book-to-screen adaptations, attempting to emulate that level of success. However, that’s easier said than done. Disney takes up the monumental task with ‘Artemis Fowl.’

‘Artemis Fowl’ is based on a series of novels of the same name by Eoin Colfer. The series itself has been incredibly popular and successful. Hence, the Disney movie automatically manages to find a fan base, virtually guaranteeing its success. The film is directed by Kenneth Branagh with newcomer Ferdia Shaw essaying the role of the titular character. The other cast members include Judi Dench, Josh Gad, Nonso Anozie, Colin Farrell, and Lara McDonnell.

Artemis Fowl Plot Summary

Before beginning this plot summary, book fans ought to know that the movie adaptation is extremely different from the original plot of the novels and virtually unrecognizable. Hence, the summary and the explainer are solely based on the Disney movie and not Colfer’s book.

The movie begins with a “suspect” named Mulch Diggums being arrested by the authorities and taken to a remote, interrogation room in a facility in the middle of the sea. This is where he begins the narration of the story. Artemis Fowl II is depicted to be a twelve-year-old kid who is smarter than most people (even adults). However, he has a father who is away most of the time, and a mother who died years ago. Domovoi Butler is his loyal servant and bodyguard, trained in martial arts.

Artemis Fowl II discovers that his father is actually a criminal mastermind. Then he gets a call from a creature named Opal who has kidnapped his father. It demands an object called The Aculos as ransom. Butler shows Artemis Fowl II a secret basement where his father has stored all sorts of otherworldly findings. This is where Butler and Artemis discover Artemis Fowl I’s diary which reveals that the Aculos is somewhere in the house.

Then, Artemis devises a plan to find it: he kidnaps a fairy named Molly Short after she has finished taking care of a troll who was wreaking havoc. He holds her captive. The fairy belongs to an organization called the LEPrecon Unit. For the fairies, the Aculos is extremely important: it is like their energy source. The leader of the organization, Commander Root lays siege to Fowl Manor (Artemis’ house) in order to rescue Holly. Meanwhile, Mulch Diggums, it is revealed, is a gigantic dwarf who is sentenced to prison in the fairies’ world underground.

The fairies cannot enter Fowl Manor as they cannot infiltrate a human’s house without their permission. So, Root decides to release Mulch Diggums and makes a deal with him to make him enter Fowl Manor. He discovers the Aculus there. Another LEPrecon commander, Cudgeon (who had been sent by Opal to infiltrate the LEPrecon Unit) temporarily usurps Root and sends the troll that Molly had defeated earlier to fight Artemis and the others. However, they manage to defeat the troll. Unfortunately, it is time for the fairies to return. Holly decides to stay back. She uses Aculos’ magic to rescue Artemis Fowl I. The Aculos is returned safely to the fairies.

Artemis Fowl I tells Holly that her father had been a brave man who had stolen the Aculos, not for greed but to protect it from Opal. He gives her a list of Opal’s accomplices that Molly’s father had made. On the other hand,  Mulch Diggums reveals a tracking device that Artemis had devised and hidden inside Diggums. Diggums is rescued by Artemis Fowl in his chopper. Artemis Fowl I, Artemis Fowl II, Butler, and Holly fly away together.

Artemis Fowl Ending Explained:

‘Artemis Fowl’ ends with Artemis Fowl I and II, Mulch, and Butler in a chopper with Holly flying on the side. Several viewers would have wondered what the ending signifies. Well, it is basically a set up for the remaining movies of the franchise. Artemis Fowl I is depicted to have given a list of Opal’s allies to Holly Short after he is rescued. Unfortunately, Holly Short’s father is dead. It is also revealed that he had stolen the Aculos to protect it from Opal. Hence, he wasn’t really a thief.

Next, when Holly returns, Commander Root tasks her with investigating the names on the list. Plus, just before Mulch is rescued, he tells the investigator that Artemis Fowl and his father should be remembered as courageous men who protected the world. Hence, it is reasonable to assume that the group now intends on going after Opal and his accomplices. Opal had intended on stealing the Aculos and using its power for himself. Thus, by investigating the list, the group also intends on saving the world from a villainous creature who wants to get his hands on an extremely powerful object. For Holly, the mission is also a little personal as she would want revenge for her father’s death.

How Does Artemis Fowl II Find the Aculos?

Several viewers would have been slightly confused about the way Artemis Fowl II finds the Aculos in the house. It seems to have been found by Mulch randomly. Well, that event in the story is not random at all. It had all been a part of Artemis Fowl II’s plan. The twelve-year-old knew that fairies cannot enter his house without his permission. Thus, he speculated that they would send Mulch to his house to rescue Molly.

Artemis Fowl II also knew that dwarves are treasure hungry creatures. Hence, he knew that upon entering his house, Mulch would, by force of habit, sniff out and find the Aculos in the house. He actually does that and that is how Artemis Fowl II manages to find the Aculos, which he needs to rescue his father from Opal.

Why Does Holly Help Artemis Fowl?

Next, another plan that Artemis Fowl II comes up with involves the rescue of his father. Viewers would have wondered why Molly Short decides to use the power of the Aculos and help rescue Artemis Fowl I. Well, Artemis Fowl II makes a deal with Holly. He tells her that she can take the Aculos back if she uses its power to rescue his father from Opal. Humans cannot use the Aculos as its power would kill them. Additionally, the two also become friends. That is the reason she helps Artemis Fowl II.

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