Aussie Chau: Where is The Ultimatum Queer Love Cast Member Now?

If there’s one thing Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: Queer Love‘ makes evident, it’s that every relationship has its fair share of ups and downs owing to the efforts as well as the human nature involved. After all, whether it be communication skills, doubts over the future, familial bonds, past hardships, or mental stress, no individual is without a personal story, and it plays a role in their connections. The prime example of this is actually Aussie Chau (pronoun: Aussie) — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about this Australian-born 43-year-old, we’ve got the necessary details for you.

Aussie’s The Ultimatum: Queer Love Journey

From the moment Aussie first came across our screens as Sam Marks’ partner of one and a half years, it was clear they weren’t just shy but were also anxiety prone in every sense of the term. We state this because while Aussie clarified “time stood still. Yeah, it was magical. Like butterflies… rainbows… unicorns” when the 31-year-old came into their life, they still weren’t ready for more. It did not matter that their beliefs aligned — evidenced by the fact their very first interaction was during the pandemic in an online social group for LGBTQA+ individuals — Aussie wanted to wait.

In fact, Aussie wanted to “live with [Sam] for five years” before deciding if their intimate bond was really even “meant to be” and if they were actually open to “go to that marriage state” for good. “I feel like she’s the one,” Aussie candidly stated at one point in the series. “I’m just… like my processing takes longer than hers. So I’m hoping [this whole ‘Ultimatum’ experience] will accelerate that.” And it did — within three days, Aussie had realized they not just wanted to delve deeper into their self-identity but were also quite open to the idea of spending forever with someone by their side.

The truth is fellow participant Mildred Bustillo (Tiff Der’s original partner) played a significant role in this change by offering Aussie unconditional care, easement, as well as support on their dates. Thus, of course, it came as no surprise they ended up choosing one another for the trial marriage phase under the belief it would be complete bliss, only for everything to soon turn upside down. While the former grew a little passive-aggressive in her new companion’s eyes, the latter simply couldn’t live up to their promises or handle difficult conversations in the way she needed them to.

It all escalated to such an extent that Aussie actually walked away from this “marriage” before they could even step into their third and final week together, but they did return for Sam. Nevertheless, because of Aussie’s admitted childhood trauma, inability to handle emotions in real-time, or deal with confrontation, heavy dialogues, and mistakes, this union was no different. In fact, Aussie stepped out of the door here as well, only to come back, but it doesn’t negate the fact they did shut their love out, had breakdowns, were condescending, and didn’t even try to understand her side of the story.

Aussie is Thriving in Their Life Today

First things first, because of how things panned out, Aussie’s own admitted troubles, and their online footprint at the moment, we do not believe they and Sam were able to make things work. However, from what we can tell, it appears as if Aussie is doing quite well for themself right now by focusing on their overall well-being, career, as well as personal standing. Aussie knows they’re not perfect, but they seem to be trying to improve with each passing day while also raising awareness about their community and making a difference in this world, which matters more than anything.

Moreover, Aussie recently revealed, “I’m not a reality tv kind of person but felt an inner calling to do [‘The Ultimatum’]. It took a lot of courage to step outside of my comfort zone and I’m grateful that I did. I was 100% committed to the process & gave it my all. I’m proud of my fellow cast members for doing the same. It shows in every frame! 💜 It’s refreshing to see the diversity & complexities of queer stories and relationships represented outside of our heteronormative culture. Representation matters.🫶🌈 Relationships are not easy to navigate & we are all doing our best. I hope you can relate to the ups and downs of our journeys and have fun watching the chaos unfold! 😬,” making it clear that no matter the outcome, they are glad they agreed to be a part of Netflix’s first-ever queer dating show.

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