Where Was Away Filmed?

Away Filming Locations

Netflix’s ‘Away’ is a science fiction drama series that follows Emma Green, an American space commander as she embarks upon a three-year-long space mission, leaving her husband and young daughter behind. Owing to her leadership qualities and determination to succeed, Emma is put in charge of a space crew that involves some of the highly-skilled individuals, from different parts of the world. As soon as their spaceship, Atlas, leaves the surface of the Earth, Emma’s husband suffers a medical emergency, sending Emma into a dilemma.

The members have a problem connecting at first but their motivations and secrets bind them together. The crew comprises of a highly experienced Russian cosmonaut Misha, who often questions Emma’s ability to guide the team; a mental tough Chinese scientist Lu; an empathetic and helpful Indian doctor Ram; and a free-spirited British-Ghanaian botanist Kwesi, who is a little too enthusiastic for his first visit to space. Once in space, the mission tests their patience, morals, team-spirit, fortitude, and their capacity to withstand setbacks. In case you’re wondering about the locations where ‘Away’ is filmed, we have got you covered.

Away Filming Locations

The Andrew Hinderaker creation has been inspired by a 2014 article titled ‘Away’ by writer Chris Jones on an American astronaut Scott Kelly’s year-long training and experience in the International Space Station with Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Momienko. The space-centric show is filmed in several parts of British Columbia, the westernmost province in Canada. Check out the specific filming sites!

Vancouver, British Columbia

Located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, the city of Vancouver is one of the largest film production centers in North America, thus earning the colloquialism “Hollywood North.” Season 1 of the Hillary Swank starrer was filmed for a period of six months from September 2019 to February 2020.


The crew filmed the first season during the winter months of 2019, which braced a blast of cold weather resulting in snowfall, a rare sighting in the city. Here’s a picture of the cast and crew enjoying a “Snow day family dinner” in Vancouver.

Major filming studios, favorable climate, natural beauty, better tax incentives, and skilled manpower attracts many filmmakers to the city. Therefore, it is natural that the makers of ‘Away’ have chosen The Big Smoke as a shooting site.

North Vancouver, British Columbia

As you might have guessed already, the series is shot on a set constructed in a studio. Formerly known as Lionsgate Studios, North Shore Studios in North Vancouver serves as a filming spot for the outer space and space ship scenes in the series. The scenes wherein the international space team defy gravity and float in Atlas, were filmed in a module set building by the hardworking filming crew.

Mark Ivanir, who plays the Russian cosmonaut Misha in the series, took to his Instagram to share the condition of the weather on-set. “This is how last week looked like… North Shore Studios. Vancouver,” he wrote in the caption.

Houston, Texas

Although we aren’t sure, reports suggest that after wrapping up the shoot in Canada, the crew flew down to Houston, Texas, to film several scenes and acquire some training at Space Center, Houston. Apart from numerous artifacts and traveling exhibits, the science museum is famous for offering a glimpse at the history of the human spaceflight program. The crew was naturally pretty excited after visiting the research institute as it helped them gain more insight into their respective characters.

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