Bachelor in Paradise Season 7: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

In the hopes of finding an unequivocal romance, several individuals enter a tropical island in ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ The reality television show features contestants from previous editions of ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette,’ who decide to discover true love once again. First released in 2014, the series has continued to earn audience acclaim since 2014. The seventh instalment of the series also features numerous couples in the throes of love. Naturally, fans have wondered where are they now. So, if you’re curious and want to know more, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Where are Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt Now?

From the get-go, Joe and Serena shared eyes for no one but each other. Even when they faced a few tumbles at the beginning, it wasn’t long before their affection for each other deepened. In the final episode, Joe got down on one knee and asks Serena to marry him. After the cameras closed in on them, the duo maintained a long-distance relationship for months.

Later, they moved in together in New York City and tied the knot at an NYC courthouse in October 2022. However, a big bash wasn’t too behind for the lovebirds, who decided to walk down the aisle once again in Charleston, South Carolina. Since saying “I Do” for the second time, the couple has enjoyed their time as newlyweds. On the professional front, Joe and Serena have also scaled heights as online media personalities. They regularly collaborate with brands and share helpful tips with their fans.

Where are Kenny Braasch and Mariela “Mari” Pepin Now?

Despite hitting snags during their time on the show, Kenny and Mariela continued to work on their relationship. Before long, they realized the vivacity of their connection and shared that they were in love with one another. Ultimately, they walked away from the show hand in hand as an engaged couple waiting to be married. After the show, not only did they visit Puerto Rico together, but they also got to deepen their connection away from the spotlight.

In January 2022, the couple decided to take the next step in their relationship and move together. After Mariela decided to relocate from Maryland, she and Kenny decided to sign a lease in Chicago. Later that year, they also adopted a dog and named him Eleven. Since then, the couple has been working on perfecting their wedding plans. Kenny and Mariela are set to marry in November 2023 and look forward to setting yet another milestone in their relationship. The duo recently attended the wedding of their cast members Joe and Serena. Besides this, they are also growing as professionals. Kenny is the manager of a Chicago-based boyband and owns 115 Bourbon Street, a performance and events venue. Similarly, the first Runner-Up of the Miss Intercontinental North America title is also working as an online creator.

Where are Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn Now?

Riley and Maurissa set a milestone as romantic partners on the popular ABC series after becoming the first Black couple to get engaged. However, their happiness wasn’t as long-lasting as the two had hoped. After sharing blissful moments over the holidays, Riley and Maurissa entered 2022 on a gingerly note. Before long, the two disappeared from each other’s socials, giving way to rumours and speculations. Ultimately, they announced their split through a since-deleted post on Instagram that read, “We have decided to go our separate ways. Never did we imagine this, but we’ve come to a point where we both need to work on ourselves.”

Later, Christian also shared his feelings in a heartfelt post that has been since deleted. He wrote, “ It takes a while for me to heal, but I thank you all for your patience. This has not at all been an easy time. This has been one of the most difficult times of my life, but as with everything I always do my best to move forward with hopeful and positive spirits.” Since their parting, the duo have continued to find their individual paths. While Riley continues to exponentiate his growth as a lawyer, Maurissa maintains her monopoly as a health and beauty expert. Based in Detroit, Riley is currently working as the founder of Christian Law, P.C., an Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Family Law Firm.

Where are Aaron Clancy and Tia Booth Now?

Despite failing to find love in the season, Aaron and Tia went on to discover professional and personal milestones. The former later appeared on the following season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ and discovered love with Genevieve Parisi. Aaron and Genevieve walked away from the show hand in hand and ready to tie the knot. However, things between the duo ultimately turned awry, and they decided to part ways. Aaron is now working as a media personality and has even established a clothing brand, Nectar, with his girlfriend, Alice Gray.

Similarly, Tia’s destiny lay elsewhere too. After splitting with Aaron at the beach, Tia found love with Taylor Mock during a ‘Bachelor Live on Stage’ show. The couple made their relationship official in October 2021. Having discovered their feelings for one another, they didn’t take long to take big steps. Tia and Taylor decided to tie the knot and revealed their engagement to fans in April 2022. More happy news awaited for the couple as they realized they were pregnant.

Later, Tia shared a heartfelt post about her pregnancy and how she would’ve liked to share the news with her heavenly father. She wrote, “While I wish I could tell my dad all the good news in person, it brings me peace that he knows about it long before I do. Welcoming a new little life while mourning the loss of another proves that high emotions can exist simultaneously, and I have no doubt my dad had a hand in this.” Shortly after, the duo welcomed their son, Tatum, in December 2022.

Where are James Bonsall and Anna Redman Now?

Despite hoping to share common ground, James and Anna ultimately parted ways and failed to develop a connection during their time on the show. Since then, they have explored the heights of their abilities. Anna has been working as an online creator and has amassed a significant following on social media. She is now in a relationship with Chris Bukowski, also a ‘Bachelor’ alum.

She continues to share tips and unique styles on her Instagram and TikTok. As for James, the software engineer has continued to exponentiate his professional trajectory. He has also found love with Rebecca Marie, and the couple recently went on a vacation to the Philippines.

Where are Ed Waisbrot and Mykenna Dorn Now?

Despite arriving late in the season, Mykenna and Ed decided to explore a prospective connection with one another. However, they failed to spark a romance, and their connection soon fizzled out. Since their time on the show, Ed and Mykenna have gone on to explore different paths.

Besides gaining a significant following on social media, Ed has also become a traveller. The television personality and former healthcare salesman regularly takes to his Instagram to share his latest adventures. He is currently working as a Business Development Executive for ComPsych in Miami. Likewise, Mykenna has also exponentiated her growth as a media personality. The TikTok, Cameo and Instagram creator even has a Shopify account where fans can find her latest suggestions. She is currently in a relationship with Lynden Enger.

Where are Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin Now?

Unlike other cast members, Thomas and Becca didn’t find themselves in the throes of love until the show ended. After filming ended in Mexico, the duo discovered a deeper connection outside the spotlight. Since the season, they have continued to climb new heights as a couple. From visiting exotic locations to spending the holidays with each other’s families, they continued to see through new milestones hand in hand. They also made a guest appearance on season 18 of the ‘Bachelorette: After the Final Rose’ special. Finally, in May 2022, they set another milestone in their relationship and decided to tie the knot.

Surprisingly, it was Becca Kufrin who decided to bend down on her knee and ask Thomas if he wanted to share a lifetime together. Not too later, they decided to purchase a house and become co-owners. More happy news awaited the duo as they shared news of their pregnancy with fans. Thomas and Becca welcomed their son, Benson, on October 9, 2023. Adding another person to their family, Thomas and Becca now share domestic bliss with their son and their furry babies, Leo and Minno.

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