Bad Boys for Life Filming Details

The ‘Bad Boys’ make a glorious return in the 2020 film, ‘Bad Boys for Life.’ Serving as the third installment in its franchise, ‘Bad Boys for Life’ is buddy-cop comedy action film that was released 17 years after ‘Bad Boys II.’

The movie sees Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reprise the roles of Mike and Marcus respectively. The two team up “one last time” to take down a mysterious killer who is somehow linked to Mike’s past. ‘Bad Boys for Life’ received favorable reviews, with critics praising it for playing to the franchise’s strengths and delivering another fun flick.

‘Bad Boys for Life’ Filming Locations

Many of you might be wondering where ‘Bad Boys for Life’ is filmed. The movie features some high-speed car chases, plenty of action sequences and of course, tons of rib-tickling humour. So, here is a breakdown of all the places where the third installment of the ‘Bad Boys’ franchise was shot.

Atlanta, Georgia

A large chunk of filming for ‘Bad Boys for Life’ took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The city has a large African-American population (the largest ethnic group in the city as a matter of fact) and was a prominent theater of the American Civil War and the Civil Rights movement.

To begin with, the crew filmed in Peachtree Street which doubled up as a Miami street for the movie. ‘Bad Boys for Life’ was also shot at Miami (more on that below), so the reason the filmmakers had to opt to shoot a Miami scene in Atlanta is strange. However, it could have been due to logistical reasons.

Anyway, according to local sources, the filming of ‘Bad Boys for Life’ in Peachtree apparently led to some traffic congestion in the surrounding areas, causing Lenox Mall to be shut down.

Moreover, the upscale area, Atlantic Station can also be seen in the movie. According to reports, filming also took place in Westview Cemetery. Artificial rain was used while filming in the cemetery, hinting at a funeral scene in the movie.


Moreover, according to reports, several filming notices had been spotted in various areas of Atlanta in January, 2019. Between 13th and 14th of January, 2019, signs were spotted in Buckhead near Lenox Square. Plus, signs were also seen in Hapeville on January 16, and in Norcross on January 19.

To add in, the crew also filmed at a house on Lullwater Road from January 21 to January 23. Additionally, ‘Bad Boys for Life’ was also filmed in Marietta between January 9 and January 11. Marietta is a city north-west of Atlanta, a little over 20 miles away.

Miami, Florida

Apart from Atlanta, ‘Bad Boys For Life’ was also filmed in Miami, Florida. To begin with, the ‘Bad Boys’ franchise will be returning to the MacArthur Causeway. The six-lane causeway was where the car chase scene in ‘Bad Boys II’ was filmed which would surely be remembered by those who have watched it. While the crew worked closely with the Miami-Dade County and Florida Department of Transportation to minimize any interference, traffic was still slowed down because of it.

Moreover, the crew also filmed near Miami Beach close by. The following twitter user recounts a rather interesting happening when onlookers were told that a mayonnaise commercial was being filmed.

Moving on, the crew of ‘Bad Boys for Life’ had set up their base on 501 SW Third Avenue. Between April 2 and April 5, filming took place at Jose Marti Park. Moreover, on April 6 and April 7, filming was carried out in The Broadmoor Hotel on 7450 Ocean Terrace in Miami Beach and on Collins Avenue between 41st and 87th Street.

Furthermore, the crew returned to film at the Jose Marti Park on April 8 to shoot scenes in the pool, gym and dance room. Plus, on April 9, filming took place between Third and Southwest Fourth Avenue and near Miami River.

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