Bad Sisters Season 2 Starts Shooting in Dublin and London in September

The shooting of Apple TV+’s Irish black comedy series ‘Bad Sisters’ season 2 is set to start in September 2023 in Dublin, Ireland, and London, England. Based on Malin-Sarah Gozin’s Flemish TV series ‘Clan’ and developed by Sharon Horgan, Dave Finkel, and Brett Baer, the show revolves around Eva, Grace, Ursula, Bibi, and Becka Garvey, who get entangled in the mystery behind the death of Grace’s abusive husband John Paul. Although the series was originally developed as a limited series and the first season of the show concludes the murder mystery, Apple TV+ renewed the thriller for the sophomore round in November 2022.

“If you’d have told me three years ago that I’d be making a series about five murderous sisters chasing a man around Ireland trying to kill him I’d have said; yeah, that sounds about right,” Horgan said in a press release. “The response to our show had been beyond what we could have hoped for. It gave us the opportunity to shine a light on stories that don’t always get such a global platform. I look forward to getting chilly in the Irish Sea one more time,” she added.

The first season of the series was filmed in Dublin and London as well, in addition to Belfast, Northern Ireland. In June 2023, co-developer and one of the lead performers Horgan revealed that she is writing the second season of the series.

“I had no intention of doing any more, but while we were on set I kept thinking of this one idea that could be a possible second season. The first series did have a lovely end, but I think when you kill a man, when you put yourself through that – and there were five of them in it – life is going to change”, Horgan told Radio Times about the decision to turn the show into a multi-season project. “You don’t just dust yourself off and get on with your life. I was interested in what would happen to these women next. And we’ll find out,” she added about what to expect in the upcoming season.

Since Horgan has a local contract with Apple TV+ to make the UK-based series rather than a WGA-governed deal, the production of the second season is expected to happen without any complications despite the ongoing WGA strike. Still, the writer and actor has described the experience of working on the show as “strange” while the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is in solidarity with the WGA. In the upcoming months, we can expect updates regarding the cast of the second season.

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