Why Did Grace Kill John Paul in Bad Sisters? How Did She Cover Up the Murder?

Apple TV+’s ‘Bad Sisters‘ is a dark comedy television series based on the Flemish series ‘Clan,’ created by Malin-Sarah Gozin. It revolves around Grace Williams, and her sisters, the Garveys, who are a tight-knit band. However, after Grace’s abusive marriage with her husband, John Paul Williams, starts to affect Grace psychologically, the Garveys plot to get rid of the man. However, the exact circumstances of John Paul’s death remain a mystery until the finale. Grace is revealed as John Paul’s killer delivering a shocking twist to the story. If you are looking for answers about Grace’s motivations and cover story for the murder in ‘Bad Sisters,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Why Did Grace Kill John Paul?

Grace is the wife of John Paul Williams, and the couple has a daughter named, Blánaid. However, John Paul is controlling and constantly criticizes Grace. Grace’s sisters dislike him, and he continually sees them as a bad influence on his wife. In the series premiere episode, John Paul dies under mysterious circumstances, and Grace files for an insurance claim. As the narrative progresses, the Garvey sisters, except for Grace, start plotting against John Paul. Each of them has a personal motive to kill the man but also wants to free Grace from his abuse.

However, the season finale reveals that Grace killed her husband. Flashbacks reveal that on the night of Grace’s birthday, she and John Paul tried to make love. However, John Paul could not perform, leading to an argument between the couple. John Paul abused and criticized Grace and her sisters. John Paul reveals he hooked up with Eva ten years ago. However, when Grace recollects the events, she realizes that John Paul raped her sister. Disgusted by his monstrosity, Grace kills John Paul by strangling him.

How Did Grace Cover Up the Murder?

After John Paul’s death, Grace grieves the loss of her husband and avoids any suspicion of being the murderer. However, how she actually staged John Paul’s death to look like an accident remains a mystery until later in the finale. Flashbacks reveal that after killing John Paul, Grace dragged his body outside the cabin in the woods. She used a muffler to catapult John Paul’s body from a tree, making his death look like an accident. Later, Grace returned home and made up the story of arguing with John Paul after her birthday dinner. She tells the police and Matthew that John Paul got angry at her and went to a pub to watch a game.

However, as Grace herself admits to her sisters, the cover story is false, and she is behind her husband’s murder. The episode’s final moments reveal that Grace wasn’t alone in covering up the crime. She received the help of her neighbor, Robert. Grace and Robert worked together to get the dead body outside the cabin, make John Paul’s death look like an accident, and erase evidence of Grace’s presence at the cabin. In the end, Grace thanks Robert for his help, and he agrees to keep Grace’s crime a secret. Moreover, Matthew also decides to destroy the evidence that proves John Paul was murdered, allowing Grace to make a fresh start in life. As a result, Grace’s cover story holds up, and she escapes the consequences of killing John Paul.

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