Bandidos: Is Tear of Fire a Real Treasure?

Netflix’s adventure series ‘Bandidos’ ends with Miguel telling Lilí that he has another treasure on his mind to find. He describes “Tear of Fire” or “Lágrima de Fuego” as the “greatest treasure that no one ever saw.” After risking his life to discover the treasure of Aj Took, which includes the Golden Jaguar or Kaan Balam, Miguel has proven that he has the courage and resilience to fulfill his ambitions, even if those are finding lost treasures that are not even guaranteed to exist. Like Aj Took’s treasure, “Tear of Fire” is also a fictitious one. However, it has a significant role in the narrative of the series!

The Intention Behind Tear of Fire

The “Tear of Fire” doesn’t have a known real-life counterpart. Since Miguel doesn’t reveal where it presently is, where it originated, or what sort of a treasure it is, parallels can’t be made as well. However, the mention of the treasure at the very end of the first season of the adventure series indicates that it will be the primary focus of the show’s second installment, which was greenlit by Netflix ahead of the premiere of the series. The “Tear of Fire” sets up the sophomore installment’s narrative as it may revolve around Miguel’s efforts to find the treasure.

Lilí is expected to join Miguel after faking her death to free herself from her mysterious enemy. The couple may form a new group of thieves to discover the treasure rather than trying to reassemble their former team. After reuniting with her son, Inés may not want to join another life-threatening expedition. Lucas and Citlali have earned enough money to be independent and they may prioritize celebrating their freedom over another treasure hunt. Octavio will likely remain beside Inés. After Wilson’s death, Miguel and Lilí may need new treasure hunters to join their group.

Image Credit: Manuelarosi/Wikimedia Commons

Even though Miguel has been tight-lipped about the Tear of Fire, it reminds us of the Florentine Diamond, a lost light-yellow diamond. Unlike his next target, the diamond was actually seen by people. It was stolen in the early 20th century from Emperor Charles I of Austria after the fall of the Austrian Empire. The name “Tear of Fire” succeeds in making one think of the appearance of the Florentine Diamond. Since Kaan Balam had roots in the history of the Maya civilization, we can expect the Tear of Fire to connect with reality as well.

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