Beauty Ending, Explained: Does Beauty Make it as a Singer?

Netflix’s ‘Beauty’ follows the story of a girl who is on the brink of stardom. The film focuses on the hurdles she has to overcome to start her journey, and the price she has to pay to maintain that success. It is a raw and real portrayal of an artist’s life, the inevitable choices that one has to face, and the difficult decisions that need to be made. The story is told in a way that evokes a sense of memory rather than something that is being told to us. While most of the film takes place in chronological order, there are shots from the past and the future that merge with the flow and give more depth to the story. Here we analyze the film and its ending. SPOILERS AHEAD

Beauty Plot Synopsis

Beauty is a young talent, impatiently waiting for her time to shine as a great singer in front of the entire world. When a contract from a record label lands on her table, she is eager to sign it and move away from her family. Her mother is against her leaving the house and starting out on her own in the music industry. Mother knows how brutal a world it can be and she doesn’t want to expose her daughter to it just yet. Father, on the other hand, doesn’t want to shelter her anymore. He is also motivated by the fact that his daughter’s success will mean more money for him.

The only person who truly stands with her, without any ulterior motive, is Jasmine. Beauty and Jasmine are together, even though it is not approved of by anyone. They keep their relationship a secret, but it doesn’t stop Jasmine from protecting Beauty’s interests at every turn. However, their relationship is tested when Beauty finally begins to taste some success.

Beauty Ending Explained: Does Beauty Make it as a Singer?

If there was one thing that Beauty had been preparing for since she was a child, it was to become a singer that everyone would know and love. Her mother had been a singer too, but she hadn’t made it as big as the plans Beauty had for herself. As time passes by, she becomes even more eager and impatient to start her journey, which her mother insists she is not ready for. Eventually, however, she signs a deal with a record label, has an album ready for release, and the last we see of her, she is ready to perform in front of the world.

The ending of the film feels more like the beginning of something, and for Beauty, it might as well be. This is the chance she had been waiting for all this time, and now it’s finally here. She is finally in the spotlight. While it does bring her closer to getting all the things she ever wanted, one must remember the words of Beauty’s mother. No matter how talented a person, the music industry is a difficult place to be at. There are wolves out there and Beauty’s mother doesn’t want her to be torn to pieces. The ending makes us wonder if Beauty knows well enough to stay away from those that will tear her apart.

A wonderful start to a career doesn’t guarantee continued success, and Beauty’s mother is a living example for her. In one scene, Beauty admits that her mother’s singing prowess is unmatched. Even though her father insists, Beauty doesn’t outright accept being better than her mother. Considering her talent, one wonders why Mother didn’t have a more successful career. She worked as a vocalist and her role remained restrained to that. We don’t know how her career started, but its end doesn’t seem so phenomenal. If it can happen to Mother, who’s to say it won’t happen to Beauty.

Another thing that makes us concerned about her future is the possibility of something darker in her life. From a previous interaction at the bar, we know that Beauty is into some form of drugs. Even though we don’t see her buy it or use it, for that matter, she does accept it when it is “gifted” to her. She also smokes and is clearly more interested in the stuff that her brother, Abel smokes. With success comes pressure, and with pressure enters the possibility of a person falling into addiction. Even if Beauty earns the fame and reputation she’d been vying for so much, it might take a toll on her.

What’s interesting about Beauty is her parallels with Whitney Houston. The film follows an arc that closely resembles Houston’s story. Considering the immense fame and popularity that she enjoyed, we can extrapolate the success of Beauty too. But that also means that Beauty’s story might end the same way. Houston died in 2012 at the age of 48 due to accidental drowning in a bathtub, the cause of which was attributed to drug abuse. If Beauty goes down the same path, she might meet a similar tragic end.

Will Beauty End Up With Jasmine or Sammy?

Her relationship with Jasmine is an important part of Beauty’s life. Even when everybody tells her to leave Jasmine behind, Beauty never relents. In fact, she comes through on the promise of taking Jasmine on the same freight train that is taking her to success. They move to New York together, get an apartment downtown, and Beauty even buys a car for Jasmine. Staying with her, even when it could prove fatal to her career, means that Beauty really loves her.

However, things get interesting when we see Beauty flirting with her next-door neighbor, Sammy. While it could be dismissed as a one-time interaction, we are forced to consider the possibility that something is going on between them when Beauty invites him to her show. Considering that there was no one else, throughout the film, who caught her attention like this, there is no doubt about the fact that there is more to their relationship than Beauty admits to. This makes us wonder if Beauty will break up with Jasmine and explore other relationships, or if it really is nothing more than a simple friendship with Sammy.

Whether or not Beauty gets together with Sammy, we can say with some certainty that she doesn’t end up with Jasmine, especially if she does make it as a big singer. Their relationship is already frowned upon, and back in the 80s, being in an openly gay relationship was not as acceptable to the audience as it is now. For Beauty, public image is everything. As she becomes more successful, she will have to confront the fact that being with Jasmine could cost her everything she’s ever worked for. One bad rumor could tarnish her reputation and end her career. To make sure that nothing like this happens, she will have to let go of Jasmine.

The possibility of Beauty and Jasmine breaking up is also increased by the fact that Houston too separated from her rumored lover Robyn Crawford, and married singer Bobby Brown in 1992. While it is a sad prospect for Beauty and Jasmine, it is hinted at right at the beginning of the film. Before the story begins, we catch a few random glimpses of Beauty’s life. One of them has her smoking alone outside a recording studio. This is clearly a scene from her time in New York, around the time that her career is picking up.

Later, in a similar setting, when Beauty is out on New York’s streets smoking, she is not alone. Jasmine is with her. In fact, in all her time in the city, Jasmine is with her every step of the way. So, if she is missing from the frame, it only means that they are no longer together.

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