Below Deck Adventure’s Jessica Condy: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Jessica Condy/Instagram

Since its premiere, ‘Below Deck‘ has enjoyed a significant fan-following. Viewers find the reality series interesting to witness the crew of a luxury yacht going about their daily jobs, serving demanding guests while also dealing with interpersonal relationships and other drama among themselves. Besides, the series is known for its breathtaking backdrops, and its popularity has led the way for several other spinoffs.

One such spinoff, ‘Below Deck Adventure,’ focuses more on an adventure voyage than a regular one. In it, the guests expect an incredible experience filled with adventure sports, food, as well as luxury, and it is up to the staff to provide the same. An essential member of that staff is Chef Jessica Condy, who will make her debut in ‘Below Deck Adventure’ season 1. Thus, with curiosity about the chef’s life at an all-time high, let’s dive in and find out more about her, shall we?

Jessica Condy’s Background

Jessica is originally from Cape Town, South Africa, and is quite proud of her heritage. She mentioned that as her grandmother was Spanish-Italian, she grew up surrounded by traditional recipes and often found herself helping in the kitchen from age two. Although the kitchen always gave her warm and happy vibes, Jessica ultimately discovered her passion for cooking when she was 12. Since then, she has been determined to turn her passion into a career, and her parents have encouraged her and pushed her toward achieving her goals.

Jessica shares a deep intimate bond with her loved ones and tries to take time out of her busy schedule to spend with them. After high school, she entered the University of South Africa, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management, Finance, and Economics in 2008.

Albeit willing to pursue a career in cooking and hospitality, Jessica got her professional chef certification from the Ballymaloe Cookery School and a health coach certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2010 and 2011, respectively. Additionally, Jessica has received a Transformational Nutrition Coach Certificate from the Institute for Transformational Nutrition and holds a level 1 certificate for yoga training.

Jessica Condy’s Profession

In May 2010, Jessica was residing in Marbella, Spain, where she started her private catering company, Chemistry in the Kitchen. She worked with high-end clients through her catering company, serving her excellent food at events, villas, and even yachts. Pretty soon, Jessica fell in love with the yacht life, and after discontinuing her catering service in August 2010, she went on to become a Holistic Personal Chef at several private yachts. While Jessica still serves as the head chef on numerous yachts, she started her own Santa Monica, California-based lifestyle brand, Wild Wanderlust Wellness, in June 2017.

Is Jessica Condy Dating Anyone?

We discovered that Jessica Condy is highly private regarding her personal life. She rarely shares information about her relationship status online and prefers to keep everything under wraps. Nevertheless, the chef is pretty active on social media and posts regular updates for her followers. She enjoys life with friends, excelling at her profession, and sharing her incredible and mouthwatering creations. However, the absence of a romantic partner becomes quite apparent in Jessica’s social media posts, coupled with zero reports on her dating life, making us believe that she is currently single.

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